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Can we please do away with having to get copies or have the option to spend runes rather than waste resources and time trying to breed or gamble for in the draws? I’ve had a 4* dragon that I can’t level up no matter how many times I breed with him (4*) and a 5* because I get the 3* every flipping time, no matter how many draws (10x or single) I attempt, the event dragons are going to be a pain, and it’s become a chore rather than fun because I can’t advance because I’m stuck at this power level until I get the copies. Something needs to give with this.

It’s 400 runes for a single legendary draw. Can we not do that in place of the first copy needed, then 800, 1200, whatever for the last copy needed?

I mean, no, I don’t have a bad team, but it’s counter productive especially since I’ve had the Axewing since the beginning of the game from one of the legendary draws after a boss, and he has become the bane of my existence because I can’t get a copy of him. I’ve spent thousands of runes trying to at no avail and have come to a dead stop in progressing except for the Stormcutter and Maggie who I haven’t maxed out yet, but soon I will… so a little help would be nice.

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They do offer you a chance to buy duplicates when you hit the max level of the star below needing a dupe


Then why need a duplicate at all if we’re expected to spend runes/money anyway? Why not offer it on the 4th star, too? Why only certain levels does it ask if you want to purchase scales or duplicates? What kind of sense does that make? Why can’t the rest be that way?


Actually, I just reread what you said, and I never got that offer. Only the options to buy the scales


According to “Support,” these offers are random.


I’ve only had a few reach that level. I know I got them when 1st dupe was needed, not sure about 2nd dupe. But I have collected ted dupes well before needing them too, so you dont have to buy


Well either you got really lucky or I’m just having a rough time. I seem to be going no where fast. I can’t even get the 3* scales because of the power block due to the inability to get a copy of the Axewing


Draws have been wonkey for a long time. They have become fairer in getting three star dragons (I remember a time that I just couldn’t get a three star green dragon so I got stuck with a two star for the majority of the levels I completed) but the game still needs a lot of work.
If there was at least an option to watch ads for runes I would take that and it will make getting duplicates a lot easier at the same time(since you would be getting the 400 runes a lot more often) even putting in daily rewards will help a lot. Constantly downloading apps and playing them unwilingly just to gather those few runes just dosent seem worth it half the time. Especially if we don’t get the dragon we want at the end. Asking to increase the drop rates might be a little too much tho. Afterall these are the second rarest dragons. They are supposed to be a tad difficult to get


Screenshot, cost or otherwise how to get info? I am fairly positive that I wasn’t offered duplicates for any of my maxed out 3-stars. Maybe it’s because Scally is a hybrid and I already had copies of others?

Basically if it’s anywhere near 1000 runes for 4s and 3000 runes for 5s - I’d find it a good price. Maybe mildly higher.

Oh, also two of my 4s dragons that have been stuck for… months - also definitely didn’t have any offers of copies, only scales that I don’t even remotely need. And they aren’t hybrids, obviously.


Maybe only 4 stars? It has been a while


They’re not “harder” to get they’re more EXPENSIVE to get. You have all these variables (3, 4, & 5*) when you do these draws that the odds are ridiculous. Do the math. The chances are less than .1%. It’s a gamble. The more you play, the more likely you are to win. Buuuuut runes are few and far in between.


It all comes down to RNG. I think if anything could change maybe the breeding outcomes could be explained or buffed up a bit but don’t think I agree with being able to buy dupes. Many, if not all, of these types of games require certain cards and/or duplicates to level up cards/dragons.

I have also been a little stuck as of late on a 4* Fireshrike dupe. Been breeding for weeks, dozens of times and no luck. Tried a draw as well. On the other hand, I bred two revenger dupes out of just a few breedings early on.

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I could deal with a breeding buff, but as of right now you can’t breed event dragons and probably never will be able to. So to painfully wait 4+/- events before we get each copy would be a pain. Not unless they do a breeding event which would also give us an opportunity to get NightLights.

But breed fail after fail is annoying and costly. Drafting is becoming useless and except for the alpha battles, I have no real motivation to play because I can’t advance and it’s a vicious cycle.


They should really add more content soon. The game is very much a grind, I agree. I won’t bash it now since it is still fairly new but yeah. There is still the book of dragons and the arena that we are waiting for, don’t forget about that. So at least let’s hold on to some hope until they come out. Maybe new opportunities will arise that will make stuff easier for us. especially with the arena