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Coping and Defence Mechanism?


How do you cope emotionally when you are so mad and almost at rage, when you are in a loosing streak in a battle? I just went downhill after battling opponent’s Thor and Utarinex cleaning up my entire team and that little pesky and cunning Dracorex Gen 2 annihilated my team one by one.

Shouting? Throwing Phone? Cursing?

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I just don’t battle…at all… I spend alot of my time on JWA hunting and doing strike events…


After few loses in a row it’s best to take a brake for a while. Otherwise you go on losing streak 10+ matches and free fall in trophies.


I remind to myself that this is a game.

And I play as long as it is a funny thing to do, cause at the beginning we downloaded the app cause we thought it will be a funny hobby, not a 24/7 job.

Just drop for a moment if you are not having fun with battles, with fuses, with epic strike events with more than one dino (this is me :sweat_smile:).

Just have fun and try not to take it so seriously.


If I lose more than 4 in a row, I go do other things. I’ve raged over this game enough. My pets will get my attention instead, they’re more important anyway. Lol


Heyyyyy. Relax. that happen to everybody. Whenever that happen, just take a deep breath, blow, and smile. and whisper to your heart “thanks for the game buddy, it was fun! its just your day. i will climb back”. and smile.

…remember, its the Journey that matters. not the Destination. and the up and down Journey is fun.


I just swear and put the phone down for a while before coming back.

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Same. I was on a losing streak and the thought of battling genuinely left me nervous and dreading pressing the battle button. So I took a break…and never resumed. :woman_shrugging: I don’t miss it, either, because I do the strike events instead.


After experiencing freefalls of up to 10 games in a row multiple times, I now force myself to stop after 3 in a row. Knowing that it can get MUCH worse makes it easy now to actually stop. Works wonders when you battle again later in the day refreshed and in a different mood.


Like some others, I no longer use the arena on this game. I don’t think I’m missing out on much, considering most DNA I got from the incubators was useless.

Although I actually stopped shortly after the tournament. I really don’t want to participate in them anymore.


Do what I do. Tank trophies to like 2500 then put in the A team and start climbing like a boss. :grin::grin::grin: It always makes me feel better, and I get to fill up my incubator slots at the same time. It’s just like playing a video game on lowest level and using cheats. Lol


I find if I learn something from a loss, it’s a win in the long run!


All I do is:
Go play War Robots! [NoT sPoNsErEd]
Actually live my life without playing on my phone.


Or I just come here and laugh at the rant topics about it.
(Dont flag me I literally didn’t do anything wrong)

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Where possible I avoid the arena like the plague. I only battle to complete some of the daily missions so I can earn the Alanqa DNA and only when those goals are reasonable. I used to battle semi-regularly to earn incubators to help my progression but the appeal of that has long since faded.

When I do battle, I always turn the music off as I find the defeat music exceptionally annoying which tends to aggravate me more than the actual loss itself. I just listen to some of my favourite music instead, normally something upbeat to counteract the tedium. If things are going really bad and I sense a rage brewing, I just stop playing JWA and instead play Card Thief. I find the change from irritating monotony to quiet contemplation does wonders for my mood.

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I take a break, light a smoke and start a battle. I don’t do more than two battles in a row. If I get an incubator, I activate it and go back to doing whatever I was doing. Next smoke break, do a battle or two. It works out to where I always have an 8 or larger for the night.

Someone gets really lucky with all their dodges working? No biggie, someone else will shoot right through them all. Just not my turn to do so. Face that 4 or 5 level higher team? Oh well, I take my beating and move on to the next battle. I do not rage quit, I give it a try and at least fire off a fast attacks to get it over with quickly.

If I was concerned with trophy count, it might be different. I know I will fluctuate a couple hundred up or down and just go with it. I can only advance in trophy high by leveling up the team. If I haven’t leveled anything for a while I know I am not going to gain trophies.

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I take a time out when I start to feel the rage building. I’ve noticed that often the rage builds as part of a negative feedback loop; when we’re angry we forget to breathe, which just makes that tension worse. So I step away, focus on my breathing, read my email, eat a light snack. Sometimes I have to take several time outs before the streak is over; I went through a spell where I didn’t open a single incubator for THREE DAYS because I did not win a single battle, and that really set me back. But it would have set me back even more if I’d allowed that feedback loop to grow and feed on itself, till I was in a blind rage.

I also remind myself that part of what’s getting me wound up is based on what I tell myself it means. It’s very easy to get caught up in the story we tell ourselves about that meaning, like connecting it to some childhood experience that made you feel like you would never win at anything, or to take the tactics employed by your opponent personally (which is silly, because 99% of the time it can’t be personal, because you don’t know that other person at all). I like what Buddhism says about detachment, that attachment to things being a certain way, or working a certain way, or playing out the way I want them to play out is what makes us feel miserable. It’s like a little extra way we torture ourselves. So if we look at this as an opportunity to practice detachment, it can become a lot lighter, less personal, push fewer buttons.

I hope some of this was helpful for you.

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I’ve played Pokemon (not Pogo) for more than 10 years, and I never felt as much rage as I feel sometimes with JWA… that’s what poor RNG mechanics will do for ya…


Defence mechanism? Well, I usually go punch something… or someone.