Copsekeep and how its cleanse works

Lets start this off with saying that i really like Copsekeep. Its an incredibly great dragon, but there is one thing that annoys me and that is how its cleanse works at the moment.

Before I explain what I mean here are the abilities of Copsekeep for those that don’t know or have forgotten:

  1. Deal damage to target foe and lifesteal from it
  2. All allies dragons gain 38% increased dmg for the next 5 turns
  3. This dragon cleanses itself

Okay, so suppose you are fighting a dragon that has a dmg reduction debuff like for example fog-stalker. And this dragon uses its ability on Copsekeep. The moment you use Copsekeep 's ability the parts of it are done in order. Hence, Copsekeep first does dmg, then gives itself and its allied dragons the dmg up buff (which in this situations immediately gets cancelled by the dmg down debuff that was applied to her by fog-stalker). And only after that she uses her cleanse (which will do nothing since the debuff had already been cancelled out).

Now, in my opinion the cleanse should have happened first so you wouldn’t lose out on the dmg up buff. At the moment it just feels bad, she has a cleanse but then doesn’t seem to want to use it properly in this situation :frowning: .


Son of Skullcrusher also has “This Dragon Cleanses Negative Effects”. Does it behave the same way?

No, Son of Skullcrusher won’t have this problem, since he doesn’t buff himself (he only gives himself a shield).

EDIT: Though there is another dragon that may have this problem, namely Fireshrike. Though I can’t test it sin i don’t have that one yet. And the Molten Magmanette is probably an example of how the order of the ability should be.