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Copsekeep vs The Gritty Sawmaw

I want people’s opinions when it comes to using any of these against alphas. I’m currently using The Blazing Phoenixfire but I seek a better dragon as this dragon ability isn’t designed for alphas. These 2 dragons below i have both at lvl 1 (I own 2 of each). What do you think is more efficient so i can start my grind on leveling up?


I’d say copsekeep is better for alphas, but sawmaw better against quests due to it’s aoe attack :slight_smile:
And maybe it’d be easier to breed for copsekeep than for the sawmaw, so you’ll get it fully lvl’ed up before you get a duplicate sawmaw, unless you use money/runes for drafts.
I’ve had my sawmaw since an early lvl and have still not really gotten a duplicate yet :slight_smile:

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@Noah-Star I have 2 of each of them actually

Sry, I missed that detail! I thinks it’s a pretty hard choice since they’re both some of the best attackers for green.

I’d go with Sawmaw and find someone else for your team that gives an attack up buff - since the blue and general attack buffs stack. Sawmaw is also very fast rather than fast so in theory you should be able to deal more damage with him.


The answer to this question depends on a lot more than just the information you are giving us.

For which alpha will you be using it? What other dragons do you have? Do you think you’ll be able to get another copy for one of these dragons soon?

But in general i’d say: As long as Copsekeep and Gritty Sawmaw have the same level of training Copsekeep will likely be the better choice.

Hence in your case it is better to train Gritty Sawmaw since you’ll be able to train it to 4 stars, but if you can get another copy of Copsekeep soon then you should go with Copsekeep.