Copy Top Player Team

So something to do for fun, I decided to play the exact same creatures as the very top player. Since I have every creature in the game I can do this.

So this is the very top players team. Of course this persons team is boosted to high heaven and all level 30’s. I figured if this is the best of the best team, these creatures have to be good, even at lower levels and unboosted, except for my Para who is damage boosted for raid heals.


So this is my team which I played today a few times. I lost the first battle but then won 2 in a row. My Rexy is a little small but seemed to hold its own when I got it. I really didn’t think I would do well getting rid of some of my other instant first strike creatures.


So I ended up surpassing my highest trophy score. All unboosted except for Para.

well done :stuck_out_tongue: just shows what money can buy (them not you :slight_smile: )
plus breaks up the boring me thinks