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Cor’s Fortune Not Working correctly

Cor’s Fortune is now only working for a single event. It’s not even working for a full turn. For example, if you have a wonderous item that proc’s 75%, Cor’s Fortune will guarantee that wonderous item procs but will not allow you to use your weapon or move with the Fortune buff. You have to have a wonderous item on that is already automatic/100%, in order for your weapon or auto kill to work with the Fortune buff. I’m hoping this is a bug that will get fixed. Can a moderator please confirm and is this being looked into?

It is not a bug, “Next activation that is base on a random roll will be a success” If your wonderous item procs a random roll first, then no other procs will have the fortune buff.

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It is truly amazing that this is how fortune was intended to work but it took 4months+ to fix it properly… giving players incentive to buy your faulty “product”. How many Gems have people wasted during PvP events grinding through battles and losing to players that got “lucky” and got Cori in their 1/8 roster for those battles. That had Bugged out fortune proc-ing 100% of all their abilities for multiple rounds. 4+ months the company subjected the dwindling faithful daily player base to the frustration and aggravation of a Broken “Premium” toon… Profiting along the way. Why did this fix not happen in a timely fashion (within a month of her original VIP release) Without any statement from the company it seems like we should just assume it was for Monetary gain. Posting this here so when this Next toon comes out borked overpowered and bugged there will be evidence of this malicious pattern for someone to start a class action suit. It’s beyond borderline bait and switch cause not only are they selling a broken toon to the people that bought her they are causing the rest of the players to waste their pay currency during events exponentially increasing the amount of gems it takes to complete the events. I hope someone sues this Vulture of a Corporation into oblivion. You give Dungeons and Dragons and it’s parent Company WoTC a really bad name.


It’s definitely still bugged then. Most of my heroes do work with the next roll I’ve noticed, but using Cori’s rare belt, Cori herself still gets fortune for two entire turns. I can use it, move to get fury, attack twice and do the same next turn every single time.