Coretech test?

Anyone had this before and know what it is

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i passed, but just barely.

i need to plank more, i think…


I just had it just now.
A notification coretest 123

Yep, saw the thing.

Yeah, I wonder what that is, I can’t recall ever seeing one before.

Oh well we’re all getting it so I guess we’ll find out eventually

Got one here as well.

Maybe a notificatuon test having to do with the alliance notification survey they just had


Its seems to just be IOS. I have Android and I didn’t get one. Same way with the previous “test” they sent out. Apple got it, but Android didn’t.

I’m on Android and I got it.

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i got it on android. only core i can think is “AR Core” which you need for AR in the game. possibly they are adding more devices to be compatible :man_shrugging:

my phone is already compatible, so not sure why they’d send it to me.

Android and got it as well

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Maybe it was just my phone then. Or I didn’t notice when it came through. :woman_shrugging:

Pixel 3xl here

blackberry here, and i got it.

:joy::joy: with the little jelly rolly ball :rofl:

Looks like someone let a test notification slip into production :joy:

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