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Cori rare belt not working

Coriolis rare belt (that gives fortune) not working. I have a video proving but i will post the screenshots.

Cori guves fortune. The screen shows Calliope with fortune. Her poison attack did not triggers.

Screenshot_20210303-214805_One UI Home Screenshot_20210303-214844_One UI Home Screenshot_20210303-214901_One UI Home Screenshot_20210303-214922_Android System Screenshot_20210303-214938_Android System Screenshot_20210303-214956_Android System

Fortune was always supposed to be used up on your first random effect, which they fixed today. I’m guessing your Caliope has a wondrous item with a random effect that triggers at start of turn. So your fortune was already used before your attack.

Thanks for that explanation that does at least make sense. Time to re think which trinkets we have equipped so we don’t waste a fortune on a start of turn ability if it’s the attack that we really would rather the fortune to go to… if Fortune was really supposed to work this way I can’t believe they let it function broken for as long as they did. Really feels like a bait and switch scam to get ppl to buy the toon. Then to cover their butts from any bait and switch allegations they just gave her to everyone and then came up with the time to “fix” it… expect more buggy O.P. Toon behaviors with this next toon so People will be enticed to buy her in a broken state and 6 months later once free players can access her… a rebalance patch will happen and nerf after they have made their $… so shady…

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That makes perfect sense. So it WAS wrong and they corrected it! Tks for the explanation!

Yeah so the rare belt is garbage now after working like mad to improve it. Wondrous items that had 75% and 100% chance are using it up. :-1:


Agreed. It’s utterly ridiculous that Ludia‘a excuse is “working as intended”. You’re telling me it took 5 months to “fix a bug”??? Complete BS! Someone said it before that this was a money making scheme to get players to purchase Cori and I’d have to agree.

Let’s not forget Joppa has fortune and that was also nerfed to make him even more worthless.

Cori made the game fun. Now her teammates suffer from this pointless nerf. Please return fortune to its previous glory!

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