Coriolis and Rust Monsters

Attacking with Coriolis’ Epic Weapon against Rust Monsters still triggers the DMG- debuff.
Especially annoying when she has fury and her attack procs, giving her 12 DMG- status effects.

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Worst Case:


Sharing this with our team. Thanks, MisterCinephile!

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All of her weapons when the special abilities proc are effected by rust monsters. If the special abilities don’t proc they are not affected.

Seems like it’s been fixed.

Her Rare injure Weap when it does special abilities row attack still gets the debuff from rust monsters. Pretty sure her epic does too but only when they get the special abilities.

I’ve been using her epic and haven’t been seeing any debuffs from Rust monsters (proc or not)

It’s only when the special ability happens. Please fix.