Coriolis Breaks Game - Not Fun

Team of lv. 17, 18 characters.
Playing against similar with lv 12 coriolis.
Does her move - next thing I know getting TRIPPLE injured by wizard Silverhand.
Whole team died including cleric full health to zero without a go.
Barabariam revives. Triple sh wizard attack again. Dead

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I’ve won every battle I’ve fought against folks with her (even though I agree she’s powerful), sounds like a lot had to go right in order for that to happen to you. I already avoid going to the front line at all costs when I see the enemy has a shev with the SH dagger, even with almost a full melee party. Instead of complaining maybe roster in more ranged heroes, and re-gear some of your current ones to have more ranged and disable builds.

You’ll have the opportunity to get her and do the same thing to your enemies as well. This is the same argument as when folks wanted Halb’s resurrection weapon banned because it “broke the game”, as well as dominate. If you feel something is game breaking, then use it yourself or find a way around it. Personally I think she’s awesome (I don’t have her yet), adds new life to PvP, and as a support character is nowhere near game breaking.

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Yes, she is a game changer. Her downside is that she is very squishy, especially at lower levels. She has counters though, Nayeli’s Aura of Purity and Joppa’s Jagged Strike. I feel for those who don’t have her yet. Gotta say she’s a lot of fun.


I disagree. You can’t plan a strategy at all as you don’t know what anyone can do. Fury and counterattack from a paladin? Triple silver wiz? I could have coped with a normal wiz sh as my cleric would have restored. But 100% life to 0 - no action possible
It’s too unpredictable and powerful.
And by the way I do think cleric bone is silly how it’s set up. 50% proc and duration 3. It’s possible to counter it sometimes IF you have the right hero AND the right tempo but it is often true that there is nothing you can do and may as well give up. It’s not tactical combat.

It used to be a 75% proc and Ludia changed the stats based and what players said so I think you are right to give your feedback on this new character and see if others feel the same. However my own experience has been similar to dungeonborn- she has died usually before doing anything… probably will be scarier as she levels up


You mean like Halbenet’s bone, Raika’s spear etc? Dont most toons have something going for them? Coriolis has obvious counters in Nayeli’s cleanse or the various roots such as Farideh’s.


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I think Coriolis is great! Definitely a game changer, not necessarily a game breaker. I was lucky enough to get her legendary hairdo as her complementary legendary item right off the bat… holy crap! Deathwards, Fortunes, Counter Attacks and TRIPLE FURIES oh my!!! Also rocking level 14 Epic Boots for a 40% on movement chance to give three heroes the above buffs AGAIN! It’s like my team is a engine and Coriolis is a SUPERCHARGER!!! My team is on average around level 14-15, she’s only a 12 and with her, I was FINALLY able to complete Lightfinger Estate… and ruin a few high level players’ days in PVP. :slight_smile: CORIOLIS ROCKS!!!

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See. She’s OP.

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I agree she seems a bit unbalanced. I lost to a team with her in where the toons kept being resurrected. A bit frustrating. Although I do get the impression that you don’t have her, lemon.

Mods, why is holy cĂ—@p allowed, but I get censured over good g0d, or was ot good l0Ă—d?

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No I don’t. I didn’t spend £50 on her which by the way is enough money to feed a person for a week in the uk.
My issues are that you can’t plan strategy as she gives others random very powerful, unpredictable abilities. So it all becomes about initiative order and whether you can kill her before she procs.
Come on - tripple fury on an already powerful attack?
Dearth wards on everyone?
Counterattack on hero’s who have been balanced without it.
It throws all the careful balancing off.

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Unpredictable abilities? That’s kind of the point. And unless you can’t read quickly enough, it says the ability above their names and further it continues to show each ability symbol above them throughout their duration. It’s very easy to tell who has fury, who has resurrection, counterattack, etc. I for one continue to do well against parties with Coriolis, so I stand by the fact that you need to re-gear your entire party, and perhaps do some rostering.

You’re right lemon, the prices are outrageous for an individual character in a game that constantly requires you to feed the meter so to speak if you want to be competitive. Plus measured against food cost really puts it into perspective. Being British as well I think with that same level of sensibility. Even if I did have that type of money to drop on some pixels, I’d not bother and go and buy an entire game off Steam or for the Xbox or Switch etc… And get significantly more hours of entertainment for the investment.

I mean really, any genuine D&D fans here would they rather have Coriolis and a Legendary for about £50 or Baldur’s Gate 3?

Root breaks her pants. She can’t walk around to buff.

Nayeli cleanse removes her buffs

Various things like Joppa’s common trinket removes debuffs if she uses those.

Charm turns the tables on what she buffs massively.

Stun stops her doing anything.

And of course kill her.

I suggest you look at how you are dealing with her. She is like any target you assess at the start of the match. Reminds me how I use to feel about Caliope until I started using cleanse items.

I agree her hair (Gems of Endless Variety) is a strong item though. 7 turn cool down so…

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Maybe she won’t be so powerful after Ludia gives her to all of us! :wink:

I agree the prices are insanity, I couldn’t believe it when I first started playing, $50 for new heroes… I still laugh every time I see some “special” $49.99 offer for like 2 red chest and a paltry amount of gold/gems. Yet many folks continue to do so or else Ludia would not have a profitable game. And why is that?

It’s all about the target audience. Most of the folks that have stuck around or are just discovering the game are working adults (apologies to the younger ones), many with kids, most with a whole host of responsibilities that very young gamers don’t have. Sure Baldur’s Gate 3 and frankly every single console or PC game have literally hundreds of more gamplay hours, and are infinitely richer in content and depth. They outshine this game in every single way possible, and are orders of magnitude better. BUT…

The vast majority playing this game simply don’t have the time to invest hundreds of gameplay hours. We’re looking for something we can pick up for a few minutes during a boring work teleconference call. Something to grab at night after the kids are fed and before bedtime. Something after things are done for the day and we’re finally relaxing. If we had hundreds of hours to invest, we would long ago have been playing a far better and more involved game. We’re playing for convenience, not immersion. And while it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (including my own), some folks would rather just throw some cash to support the company, rather than waste months of their free time to farm or grind a little bit of gear.


I wonder if Coriolis is really a well thought out “kill two birds with one stone” concept on Ludia’s part. I rarely see Nayeli played at my level in PvP (2750-3500 trophies). Nayeli just got a lot more desirable, given that her Aura of Purity seems to be the best response to Coriolis’ uber-buffs.

Don’t get me wrong, I do run into Nayelis occasionally and they are usually very “durable” builds that are hard to take down. But it’s definitely no more than one out of ten battles. Probably fewer.

I also think Coriolis is one of those concepts that seems more unbeatable than it really is. Like all battles, it comes down to the matchups and initiative order. I have Hal’s Epic bone at L15 and I have lost plenty of battles with three in a row fails to proc. And I’ve won plenty with a run of good rolls.

I used her in pvp when she first came out. She is a lot of fun, but very squishy with low procs on good effects until I can get her gear up a bit. Until then, I prefer the reliable effects and hitting power of my other characters.

Yep she literally breaks the game.

I also feel that some negative buff like taunt should get added to Cariolis random buffs that are possible so it’s at least a slight risk to the Cariolis squad to give out the other amazing buffs every single turn. Accidentally giving your Wizard or Herself taunt could be some kind of balance to her. Having all the buffs be positive isn’t very thematic to D&D wild magic there are/were plenty of random negative effects to help balance out some of the very powerful effects and make it risk reward. With Cariolis there is no risk to the buffs and all reward.

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7 turn Cool down doesn’t mean anything when she has multiple ways to give herself deathward and revive to reset all her cool downs and stack on buffs.

The same Buffs should not stack.

If she gives fury out and the same hero happens to get fury a second time it should just increase the number of turns that fury stays active not stack on a whole 3rd attack.
Her Deathwards shouldn’t revive to Full health bar. Pikels deathward doesn’t even get to 75% health bar back until it’s very upgraded. And his only goes to 1 hero. Cariolis is full health revive to possibly multiple of their heroes and can be applied every turn.

Also feel reviving shouldn’t reset cool downs. In D&D if you get picked up from unconscious your Used spells don’t automatically get re memorized, daily use abilities don’t reset. Any Effects being concentrated on to maintain the effect of are broken and don’t just continue it auto reset. There’s a huge lack of balance to this mobile game that Dungeons and Dragons implemented for healthy game environment…

It’s funny because the way everyone is going on about her she sounds like a “cheat mode” character that you give to a young child relative to play a game because they’re not very good.

I currently can only go by the descriptions everyone has given about her gameplay about all the apparently devastating effects because I’ve not got her unlocked and despite playing a large number of PvP games every day since she’s been unlocked I’ve not faced a single match up where she’s been involved.

This is hardly surprising as I rarely match up with anyone who even has Joppa or Jarlaxle in their team and have only faced Pikel about twice. So people mustn’t have them sufficiently levelled up.

I’m guessing due to the rareness the average player has of facing Coriolis it can’t exactly be considered to break the entire game - more an annoyance. Perhaps those higher up face her more often and as more people unlock her the complaints will come flying in and they will be forced to balance her.

I think it’s impossible to compare a showdown PvP instance in this game to actual D&D balancing because in a real D&D game you’d have potions, summoning and the environment to use to your advantage - none of those are available in this game.

So hypothetically someone would cast a squad of skeletons as a distraction to Coriolis whilst getting their Rogue to drink a potion of magic resistance and then going stealth and sneaking to perform a backstab. Or a myriad of other creative ways.