Coriolis Breaks Game - Not Fun

Sure I guess I used a bad example…the point overall was that Fury stacking bugs out the game and that there’s a huge lack of balance in the game . She could be just as fun and useful if Fury didn’t stack and just added extra turns and Fury would be less likely to bug out deathward. And as you mentioned right now is just kind of an annoyance to play against once in awhile. But come December more and more will get access to her and if they don’t address the Fury issues with deathward lots of matches are gonna bug out.

Fury doesn’t stack. It is just three attacks in a round.

Source: I have her

The ideal scenario is Shevarith triple dagger. I’ve done that one in about 50 matches, received it once from an opponent and had Pikel immunity block it twice.

In the same time I’ve had Nayeli solo stalemate a few times, Raika solo, Halbenet solo etc. I’ve had Coriolis picked off early, stunned, rooted etc.

She is a nice toon and varies gameplay. I suggest you consider tweaking your team and gear if you fear her.

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If it doesn’t stack than how is fury giving 3 hits? If Cariolis fury is giving 3 hits from only one fury being applied that sounds like a bug and should be reported as no other instance of fury gives a 3rd attack action. It’s not that I’m overly concerned about facing her the point is More that the extra Fury attacks can Bug out Deathward and lock up sessions. When the deathwarded toon gets hit again as the deathward animation is trying to resolve. Was one thing when it was a once in a while interaction with One hero’s gear set (Saarvin with common axes and fury trinket) but now that Cariolis can give anyone fury attacks it’s gonna come up more and more often.

@Glad21 I always have Nayeli on my roster, for one reason: her owl. Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing an opponent’s Saarvin with fury miss all his attacks!


It gives 3 from one application, yes. It doesn’t stack and is not a stacking issue. You don’t get the purple swirl either if it repeats while on.

I personally have never had the death ward bug you’re talking about. It may perhaps be influenced by the weapon, like Saarvin’s axes.

Their own Dominated Shevareth with epic wand of lightning equipped had fury and fortune applied from their Cariolis. Shev Killed their own Cariolis in 2nd attack Deathward animation happened and was interrupted by Shevs 3rd attack and bugged out the session. You should report that 1 application of Fury is giving 3 attack actions that really seems like a bug if no other instance of fury gives 3 attack actions.

It is interesting that everyone speaks of an animation being interrupted, surely in coding terms the order of actions and character interaction rules, which is entirely independent of animation (this is just how it is being presented to us) should always mean that a character respawning under the Death Ward activity should not be affected by any additional attacks that turn.

A bit like on many games where you lose a life and respawn and momentarily you are invulnerable to attack.