Coriolis in Draft

What do people think. I actually think she’s quite OP. Compared to Joppa or even pikel. She can give counter attack to naomlen or fury to Nayeli. And the opponent won’t know (player won’t know either in my case) as the labels come and go so fast.
It seems fun right now to introduce some randomness but I think it could get really annoying - strategies and plans become meaningless as a random death watd/fury/fortune etc pop up. Plus her basic attack is strong and often affects more than one target.


I like her. Her move can buff her own party or debuff the enemy. Her attack hits all with either fortune or it’s proc rate. Her fortune to all allies or buff to all allies is powerful. Misfortune to all enemies can be very useful. Just a lot of fun playing around with different combinations. At lower levels her dps is low, but her abilities are a lot of fun.