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Coriolis is so OP

Triple death ward again and again and again. She is not a cleric or religious, what gives?

I agree. She’s a sorcerer that gets her power from chaos. Handing out resurrections does not fit with that theme. It also doesn’t fit with the yellow role that she has.

I originally believed Coriolis was temporarily overpowered by the developer to compel sales after a long series of complaints about many seemingly worthless add-on heroes. With this in mind I anticipated they would quickly redact many of her abilities, rebalancing her to match most of the other heroes. I also assumed the rebalancing would give her more ‘sorcerer-like’ abilities. However, it is obvious I misread the situation as this balancing never occurred.

Perhaps she was overpowered to provide new players willing to spend with an opportunity to quickly rise and compete against slightly more experienced players. Or, it is equally possible they simply had no idea how unbalancing Coriolis would be.

Either way, I am confident I will never know the reason why Coriolis is so unbalanced, nor the reason why this has not been remedied.

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She can be a pain, but I think I defeat an opponent with Coriolis more often than not, perhaps more frequently than when fighting against others. Coriolis is a lot about luck; She may give counter-attack to characters about to die, fury to someone disarmed and death ward to someone already with one. But it does change the meta.

I agree about Death Ward not fitting the theme though.

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WB @Orloch! Would you mind to show some updated statistics about how many players are currently playing WoW?

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Based on my PvP experience , only sad people use the big C.

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I’ve been using her SH weapon in PvP. Really fun right around 2nd round. Coupled with fortune. Stripping away an entire row of buffs from my opponent. Doesn’t mean I win though.