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Coriolis is such a broken joke

Fix that trash, what were you thinking


Honesty, I’ve found the fixes after she was added have made her quite balanced. She’s certainly no longer the massively unbalanced powerhouse she was when she was handing out triple attack and multi round fortunes. Now she at the power level of the other buff/debuff characters.


No she isn’t, anyone handing out death wards like candy to an entire team isn’t even remotely comparable to any other character, that’s why people play her even ten levels lower than the rest of their team. Acting like she is remotely close in power level to other buff characters is completely disingenuous and laughable, there’s no doubt on my mind she’s on your battle roster.

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Either you don’t realize the power of the other buff/debuff characters, or you are so use to them you are discounting their power as normal. Feridah’s common hat will double the damage for her entire team, Calliope has the dominate lute as well as pants that can more than double a character’s damage, Halbenet hands out revives “like candy”, and Pikel can do lesser versions of all of that.

I have her but don’t use her in PvP. I have other characters I prefer. And normally when I run into someone using her I’m able to beat them……

Im pretty sure the people who have problems facing her don’t understand when to kill her. If she has a revive up, don’t kill her right before her turn, she‘ll just revive and then rebuff her group on her turn. You want to kill her right after her turn so you can kill her again before she goes. The same is true for any character who can give out revive.


I agree, game is completely balanced

She’s definitely on my roster. Too fragile to last as sole survivor, but a super support act. Giving the entire party fury/revive? Pretty powerful, works well with an agressive style play.

100% Correct!