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Coriolis IS way OP. Please fix

Just had a match against a player with a lev 18 coriolis. I went first and killed her before she could act. She revived (?) and buffed another character who killed my whole lev 18-19 party.
Damn silly

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She has a death ward item just like the Barbarian. Several characters do now. Becoming the norm to have characters refuse to die.

I want to know how sometime already got her to 18… she just came out.

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I’m guessing they were VIPs and bought early. With the right gear Cori is a lottery to play, sometimes explosive but generally very squishy and basic attacks often underpowered.

I find Cori is fun but not a serious contender. Saarvin with three rares, a common and one legendary is much more dangerous because Saa does not rely on rng and can dish it out match after match. Cori is alll about rng. I get why it’s frustrating to be blown away but when I played her I saw more weakness than strength.

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She’s ridiculous. Her fury should not give 3 attacks. Killing her just resets her cool downs when she revives. Giving out fury plus fortune is 3 attacks at auto proc for special abilities and absolutely destroys whole Squads at full health. Make her Fury only happen at start of turn so Counter attacks don’t also get 3 attacks as if counter attack needed to get stronger. She definitely needs at least 1 or 2 slightly negative buffs like Taunt or even Misfortune to help balance her and illustrate that it’s wild magic. In D&D there are plenty of negative side effects that wild magic can produce so it’s balanced and not all just beneficial buffs. If she could give herself or Shev taunt at least you could target them through other tanks taunt and have a chance at getting her dead. Or at least make them think twice about buffing at every chance and might actually attack with her instead. There’s many ways to bring her into some kind of a more balanced state without nerfing her into the ground. Her deathward she gets and can also hand out shouldn’t revive to full health. Pikels deathward only revives to 75% health when fully upgraded. It shows that they know how powerful Deathward is and I can’t understand why they wouldn’t give Cariolis’ deathward this same kind of balance esp when she can hand it out to multiple toons at once. Fix the death ward bug that glitches out a session when a 3rd 4th or 5th fury attack happens as the deathward revive animation does and makes it so you can’t attack the revived toon without racing to restart the app.

I think your taunt suggestion is a great one - just imagine some of the softer characters like herself or Shev or Naomlen being hit with taunt it would make a huge difference to gameplay and tactics.

It would mirror in many swords and sorcery style games where the damage dealers draw out more aggro and cancel out taunt effects of tanks and get attacked themselves. Something ridiculous and missing from this game. One of the non tanks can hit all of your team for large amounts of damage and hide behind the tanks forever.

Speaking of being able to target typically under targetable characters (non taunters) - I don’t get why they haven’t put on one of the silver hand weapons a Sworn Enemy special ability that when procs allows the character welding the weapon to be able to target the character you hit when it procs for an additional number of turns - regardless of other opponent characters having taunt or that character going invisible. The only way to escape it would be to move out of range of the weapon or to be restored.

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I’ve noticed her legendary helm which gives Fortune, Death Ward, Counterattack, and Fury is giving out a lot of only Fortune lately. Seems the odds of repeatedly giving Fortune to 4 characters is pretty high. Fortune is pretty weak imo. Better than nothing I suppose, but the Controlled Chaos skill gives up her attack, which is sooo weak anyway, for auto procs on dice abilities which would likely happen anyway.

As noted above she is beyond squishy. Mine rarely makes it through the second aoe attack. Yes there are times she gives out some great buffs and can turn a battle. The same can be said for Dominate. I don’t win with her anymore often than I would if she wasn’t in my lineup. She is fun to play though.

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Of course she’s completely broken. Her fury should be giving 2x attacks, not 3x attacks.

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I reported it to Support since the posts on here were getting ignored and finally got a response that they are looking into her fury giving 3 attacks. It kills me that No one that has her had the decency to Make posts on forums or to support asking if 3 attacks is working as intended… smh… :pensive:

My biggest problem is how all semblance of balance is thrown out by the giving of random, powerful effects to characters that can’t usually use them. Paladin with counterattack? Wizard with fury and Silverhand dagger? Fortune on rogue? Att boost on monk?

These things make planning strategy and levelling items to develop a style/tactics meaningless.

You look at a battlefield and have no idea what may happen. Who’s the biggest threat? Who shall I stun? No idea!
Then the wizard leg weapon procs and 3 times for fury and my whole party is dead. Or paladin makes 3 attacks with already powerful epic sword that was never intended for that.
No balance. Makes a mockery of all the thought that goes into building a party.

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I’ve a lowish level but very well geared Cori. I’ve not reported this as i feel the serious weaknesses and reliance on rng balance. If I want to win pvp with similar level of gear I’d pick Halb, Raika or Saarvin instead. If I wanted fun I’d pick Cori. This is not a perfect toon but new toons aren’t. The game has a few issues to be solved. It can be a frustrating game. I sympathise with what people say, I recall new toons in this game and others that needed a change or two or new tactics or experience learnt. Bottom line is I don’t see Cori as OP otherwise they would for me be a first pick.I wish that like in some other games we could all play a new toon for a short time and and see strengths and weaknesses. I played better vs Cori once I owned her. I played better once I realised that some of the priorities of this game are different. Some not rated toons can be very strong and levelling means nothing here.

Almost all of my best pvp team have commons or rares and regularly take out legendary stacked teams with higher levels. Sometimes I don’t want the percentage though just some fun. Peace.

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Yes but when she’s higher level it changes.
The fact that people put her in at lower levels tells you a lot. I wouldn’t have put in Joppa or pikel until they are a couple of lvls below my main characters.

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Putting aside the Cori op issue for one moment.I raced to level everyone but then realised IMHO it’s not good use of coin and in key areas counter productive. All resources now level gear. I’ll raise character levels when the eight are the same level and have the gear I think I need. Then do the same again and so on. My win percentage shot up. Now I ignore character level and look for possible combinations, gear and tactics. I’m not in any way claiming to be an A1 player on Waterdeep but I did my share on a certain MMO for a long time. There was talk of Jarlaxle being op now many think he’s weak but I know a top pvper who uses J. One key levelled legendary and clever tactics make J very disruptive and dangerous.

Honestly I wonder if the characters being op when they first come out is undesirable for Ludia. It is not uncommon for new characters and gear in games to be “must have”. If people perceive a character as a great boost, they may be more inclined to spend the money to get it sooner. Jaraxle seemed powerful when he first came out.I don’t know if he got tweaked since then or it was that the teams with him were well geared since it was paying customers :man_shrugging:


Just now -
Lev 13 coriolis behind a cleric with epic bone.
Cleric was hitting 3 times.
Hopeless for me.
Lev 13 - come on.

If you are unhappy with this situation your best bet is to quit playing. Ludia will not change it because they want you to think the new toon is awesome so you will pay $50 for it. They dont care that its breaking the game and ruining the experience for free to play players. If you arent spending they dont care about you.

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You make a very good point. It didn’t occur to me that I was encouraging people to buy her.
For the record I’m not free to play. I pay vip and buy other stuff too from time to time.

That’s better.

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I think she adds some fun variety to the game. We all have the same characters and gear. And we’ve all spent countless hours playing out every possible battle scenario.
She was brought in to add Chaos and Wild magic to the game.

Agreed about the Wild Magic, however, I would love to see it result in some accidental negative effects from time to time too, to keep in the spirit of DnD


I expected she would when she was first announced. We had several threads in these forums of possible D&D negative effects. The way they have loaded the dice though (my opinion) to give lesser effects more often, I think that would unbalance her to the point of being too weak.

The player base has wised up and usually make her the first target. She is often one shot and rarely survives a second aoe.