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Coriolis IS way OP. Please fix

Still Extremely overpowered. Every fight with her in the opposite team is a two turn loss. Due to counter attack and fury.
Fix please.

It’s totally unbalanced the game. At 15th level this character has a bigger influence than anyone 3 levels higher.
Literally no chance. Fortune, death ward, fury, counters everywhere. Impossible.
Not fun.
If this ain’t fixed soon I’m stopping playing.

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I am still on the fence with her. She can be powerful but also worthless. There are also counters to her. For instance joppa constantly removing buffs through his weapon, nayeli can remove buffs as well. Plus you can stun her and then she cant do anything. Like all characters though it depends how they are geared and what bracket they are in, some characters do well in lower or mid range brackets but not so much in higher brackets. If someone gets her and they buff and get fury and the next attack is a mage that wipes everyone out she seems powerful as hell, however if i have farideh and cast ac debuff and my next attack is mage im probably going to wipe you just as easily. Until we see more people using her and in all leagues i cant say for certain weather shes is OP or not


No reason her Fury should give 1 more additional attack than any other instance of fury. Don’t see how a sorcerer has a deathward that can be handed out, epic flavor fail. Her deathward could be replaced with stealth to keep her alive and at least it would feel thematically more like invisibility something a sorcerer would actually have a spell for… or Her deathward could be more like Pikels that only revives to 50% health until fully upgraded and then it only gives 75% health back. Would keep Hal’s deathward unique as it should be. Her buffs should have some kind of a negative debuff chance like taunt or even misfortune to better illustrate “wild magic” that can have chaotic consequences and not just epic benefits… having her give herself or another ranged toon taunt is some kind of balance that would make them hesitate on always buffing and she might actually attack occasionally… please fix her bugged fury to properly act as it’s description. “An additional attack”.
Please fix the Deathward bug that if they revive and are immediately killed again while additional attacks keep going the revived hero disappears and breaks the session I.e. Saarvin common axes with fury or Raikas legendary spear with fury or any ranged hero with 3 attacks from Cariolis fury.

I would like to see some negative effects here. Wild magic is about extremes, I’d like to see sometimes unbelievable fury then sometimes stealth or heal opponent or pull or taunt. Part of this is not quite true to dnd but I’m ok with that here.

Wild magic will always be annoying to play, I know I notice when I’m blown away much more than when Cori’s weakness gets her killed in a second.

At least take away her personal death ward. Even if I go first and manage to get her down she’s back up and everyone has counter and death ward, or fury and fortune etc Then it’s just waiting to lose. Nothing I can do. No feeling that if I do everything right I may get lucky and win.
It’s silly. You spend ages balancing all the characters and teams with combos etc. No it’s all blown away


I hope they leave her alone. They’ve nerfed enough things in the game without taking away the things that make her fun to play with. I Havnt had any problems when I run into her in PvP. She’s not hard to kill. Even if sometimes you have to do it twice. Raika’s crystal does the same thing.


Apparently its death wards stack. My enemy’s coriolis had two death wards. Unbelievable crap.

kinda feeling the same way. she has hardly any AC so attacks do tons of damage to her. You basically just need good aoe dmg to counter if she gets a taunter. its a much better situation that a raika with 12k hp and block buff and lifetap which can be a major pain to deal with

It stacks the same way when Raika gets a death ward from Hal.

Raika is a pain with that combo. However, it doesn’t matter how squishy she is when she resurrects 3 times in a battle. Good thing there are no other toons who are a threat when she shows up. The real problem is the resurrect in the first place. This game must be on the shortlist of games where being killed is a good thing. You come back with all your hp, cooldowns reset and keep your place in initiative. The very least, a turn should be lost while your ashes reassemble and you figure out what happened and what’s going on.


1-1 coriolis lv 14 beats saravinnlv 19.

She is op no doubt.

What other hero did people with lv 18-20 toons start to put in their line up at lv 12

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Her death ward is certainly NOT like the barbarian.
I do NOT recall the barbarian being able to move and placing death ward on 3 teammates as I just experienced, that’s completely nonsense!

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It works like intended…now everyone has Coriolis so it’s just another toon you can put in the rooster

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I’ve got her. She is OP and unbalances the game.

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Her Deathward trinket does not reset… she just has multiple ways to give herself more deathward. She is def unbalanced. Her weapons and other special abilities could be at the lowest possible percentage to proc and they would still go off most the time cause she is constantly giving herself fortune. Def no reason her Fury needs to give a 3rd attack fury is super strong at 1 additional attack. Having her lower leveled or under geared compared to the rest of the squad is almost a benefit so that she dies easier and just resets all her abilities which is a really goofy mechanic as many have stated in this thread. I’m in the “If you can’t beat Um Join um” Boat. I hope she gets hit with a nerf bat but until then I’m gonna use her and not feel bad cause ultimately it’s on Ludia to bring her into balance and it’s not my fault she is absurdly powerful.


Oh come on… we all know a bone cleric is a powerful thing, hard to defeat.
My whole team was just taken out by a cleric with death ward bone, counterattack and fury.
It’s absurd. And the buffs last 3 turns.

I almost beat a higher level better geared Hal. 1v1 vs my Cori with silver hand stealing his Deathward almost every turn. Would have beaten them if I had gotten to the middle first. Pretty absurd that a way lower level Cori even had a chance…

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I removed Halbenet from my roster like 6 months ago…so boring.
Very few of the top players use Halbenet.
Something really annoying are players who remain Bone Halbenet alone vs full party trying to win by waiting for the fire…so sad


If that’s your attitude why do you still play? Or don’t you?
It’s a way to win and it’s a battle game it is about winning and nothing else.
Players will use any means they can to win.

The topic is about coriolis and op