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Coriolis phantom images, extra move

Sometimes a monster killed by Coriolis stays on the screen as a phantom image until the room is cleared. Seems to happen especially if killed by the fan ‘push’ ability.

Also if the last monster in the room is killed by Coriolis the room won’t ‘end’ until she takes a final move. That can be advantageous to the player, giving a free movement ability.

Thank you for reporting this, @Severian. I’ve forwarded this to the team and they’re looking into it. :face_with_monocle:

The phantom image problem is still going on. It is sometimes a nuisance since when a monster occupies the same space as a phantom it often cannot be targeted

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She just placed resurrection, in total , 12 times during the ridiculous battle I just played. That doesn’t include her personal deathward.

I attacked and killed her on the first move of the fight, she used her PDW…

Plus every character had 3 hits per turn, her ability too?

My 5 yr old nephew couldn’t lose with that silliness.

The Phantom images of a dead Monster in PvE is usually when she gives herself fury and has her epic weapon hit all mobs all zones 3 times. Her fury having the 3rd attack breaks your game. Still don’t get why her fury is 2 additional attacks and not just 1 additional like every other instance of fury in the game. I hope it gets addressed.

3 mobs in the 3rd row all already dead. Was able to move into their row.

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