Coriolis Silverhand

Pretty cool.
But why for her when pikels and Joppas are so poor?

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Gonna make a post titled that and not have a screenshot of what the gear does?


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Agreed. Idk why they got creative for Cori’s, a toon that really didn’t need to get any stronger, meanwhile others silver hands are just a copy paste of an already existing one. Still curious if a Jarlaxle silver hand exists and if it doesn’t not sure why he, a toon that could use some help, got skipped over for one while Cori is brand new… def feel that all Cori’s weaps could get nerfed down to the lowest possible percentage to proc and they would still go off most the time with her constantly giving herself fortune. And if they do get nerfed to under 20% than maybe people will switch from her Epic deathward trinket to her common Fortune trinket and PvP with her will have 1 less deathward… Stealing a Tommas Taunt so that they have to target her and are forced to kill her so that she revives and resets cool downs is pretty strong. Wondering why it still does Damage along with the effect and not an either or like her rare weap that either does damage or if special ability procs does a status effect.