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Video looks great. They reference Wild Magic. I don’t know if that’s the same as the Wild in DnD? If it is, that can be just, um, wild. My daughter plays one in her DnD group and has hilarious stories to tell. She sounds fun regardless. I can’t wait to see all the new spells and find fits for her rotations.

I’ll buy her. I’ll support the game.

As these active threads are related to this release I will tag them here for sake of continuity.

New Content. Plz Ludia
New character

The community has spoken clearly. My thoughts are included within these threads.

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Please do not buy the new character. This is why they wont make any new content


Completely uninspiring and unimaginative character anyway, I watched the video and it just seems like a combination of the other ranged casters with something called FORTUNE coming up all the time.

In order for a character to be worth paying money for, they need to actually dig deep into the amazing diversity and variation of classes they have in D&D and come up with some completely new skill-sets.

Why no Necromancer, why no shapeshifting character, or perhaps a Berserker, that would be an interesting one - if berserker mode triggered, it would be a combination of fury but with there being a small chance that you accidentally damage some of your own party (like dominate).

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Never bought any character, this won’t be an exception.
Waiting for Black Dragon before 2022…



Gee Fiz, you think we’ll get Black Dragon by 2022? Knowing how long it takes to get stuff that isn’t some new hero they are selling, that sounds optimistic :grinning:


@CPXZ of course I meant by the end of 2022 because in the meanwhile Ludia will release 24 new heroes :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Interesting that I saw her using a Wand of Wonder in the video. Something I suggested as equipment back in July. Wonder if it’ll work the same?


I’d bet it’s close.

Anyway, in DnD the spell can backfire and turn you into a sheep for example. I’d like to see how well that would go over in this game lols.

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What spell are you talking about? Wand of Wonder doesn’t have a backfire/sheep chance.

Sheep, plant, butterflies etc. ;). I don’t play DnD myself anymore so I just don’t know how it all goes together.

I love Neera, a Wild Mage, in Baldur’s Gate though.

I’m hoping our Wild Sorceress will bring some new spells we haven’t seen, bringing new possibilities to the game.

Someone had mentioned cookie cutter builds. I don’t like them either. I avoid them by ignoring what players say are the best builds and, instead, work out load outs myself. That’s a lot more fun, especially in PvP. I use a lot of skills I never see others use to great effect. Coriolis sweetens the pot for me. Well, so I hope.

Lots of hope there lols.

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I am surprised Ludia used the name of a third party gaming system for a hero in WoW. Perhaps Modiphus and Fria Ligan will view this as free advertising.

I was talking about the Wand of Wonder, which is basically like Wild Magic in wand form, but no chance of becoming a sheep.

Oh, cool. I went and looked that up. Nice.

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