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Cori's FAN working properly?

Is Cori rare Fan working properly? If there is only one row to push, the push does not work although the push animation happens. The fan only push if there is 2 free rows to push avaiable.

Shouldn’t at least push one row?

Example. Begining of a battle, evertybody are, from bottom to up, in row 2 (my tokens) and row 4 (opponent tokens). If Cori rare fan procs, it does not push anybody because the only row avaiable is 5. But if a token move to middle row (row 3), and the fan proc, it pushes him to row 5.

I would think that the push should push al least one row if the 2nd row is blocked or not avaiable. Am I right?

The wording on her fan says “Push 2 Zones”, not “Push UP TO 2 Zones”

It’s working as intended, that if there aren’t two open zones behind the target, it counts as them hitting a wall and taking Push damage.
Same as when someone uses “Push 1 Zone” and there is something directly behind them.
No room? No move. Take damage.