Correct me if I'm wrong


Am I right in thinking blue dna is guaranteed for the people who win all those prizes?? Looks like the #1 player got it if so, there’s no way you can get a blue level 27 any other now


Did prizes go out? Not seen mine yet.


He’s very probably a cheater tbh, like most of the people on the top ranks. I mean, lvl 30 indo and trykossaurus? How much T-rex DNA is that? and level 20 already dont seems possible to me. So maybe he just “bought” a lot of incubators that featured blue


Plus there is a limit on the deal incubators of 3 so unless it’s possible to get blue dna off the regular epic incubators. He would of had to buy a ton of them.
I don’t see how even with spoofing someone could get enough DNA to have all LVL 30 Dino’s already.


If he was cheating, wouldn’t he have a level 30 Blue? This guy is probably a whale with way more money than you or me. If you think someone is cheating, contact Ludia directly, don’t do it here.


You think most of the people in the top ranks are cheating? I’d love to see some proof of that.


All I will say is there was a limit of 3 on the incubator with blue for a CHANCE to get his DNA. It takes what, 100,000 DNA to get him that high… Even money cant really explain that away


If, he, was, cheating, wouldn’t, he ,have, a, level, 30, oh forget it.


Just let the cheaters/big spenders have their own battle tiers so it doesn’t ruin the fun for casuals that want to battle


I had a feeling they are cheating (if they’re not fair play but c’mon) it’s just funny how they put a level 27 blue in after the tournement


Don’t forget the t rex dna also needed for I rex to make the erlidominus :open_mouth: that’s alot of trex dna