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Correct team or not?

So I ask myself, is my team good? At the moment I am working on tryko dominus and tenrex

For tryko the only missing component is kentro. For tenrex it is tenonto and for dominus erliko I can also try gem but I just have than the 1 | 3 I need diplo DNA

Your team looking good,
Only thing I would say it to add more resilients on your team.
Tryko should fill in that resilient spot

Use allocator instead of indoraptor, give allocator speed boost and it will be a monsta

if you are talking about the allo raptor no because it has very little hp

Your a level ahead of me

Replace indominus with velociraptor.Velociraptor does a high pounce , reduces damage by 50% and then a normal strike .Put in velociraptor first . Thats how I use it.

i was using it but i don’t think replacing i rex with raptor is a good idea as i rex has more resistance and camouflage