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Correcting Indominus Rex

Hello,I’m going to update Indominus Rex gen 1 and 2.
The damage and health are good, but I think that the speed is very low for a creature with Spinosaurus animation, the two Spinosaurus had 122 of speed,the Spinonyx has 124 and the Spinotasuchus has an incredible 129, but Indo gen 1 is only 107 and the Indo gen 2 108.
I correct this:

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two overpowered it would ruin the game, no way. Indominus rex’s weakness are shields, we should keep it that way


Sorry for the mistake.

Just because it has a spinosaur animation, doesn’t mean it needs to have a certain amount of speed. Having a creature with that speed, cloak and all those resistances would be way overpowered.


I love indominus rex wish your work us true.

But it will simply ruin the game, tbh


I’m already tired of 135 speed indominus that crush my resilients, and you want to make indominus crush my cunnings also?!?

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While I hear where your coming from think about the components, not the model. Also while I think indom is good, it doesn’t really need a buff. It’s not supposed to be a END GAME creature. It’s supposed to be the first or one of the first legendarys you get.

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But is 75% resistance to speed decrease in my version

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Seems nice tho. I wish they do it… ( ~120 speed or some more like 124/125 would be better… at least like 115-120 ~…)

but defence shattering is not indominus think of it, you would need to dodge that 6x damage rampage going through shields. Knowing cunnings are the ones with dodge and they have low health it wouldn’t make a difference it should keep armor pierce

I rex is not made to handle shields and it’s better with a fenomenal attack record of 7000 and some with x3 camouflage

So no it’s fine like that

I can’t speak for the G2 as I barely use it but the default Indominus is perfectly fine in my opinion.


Agree with you

Lol @ base 9000 attack revenge cloaked fierce rampage with 30% crit

all that useful brachio it’s okay it’s not so op( the normal version

I too think Indominus is fine now as it is, it does have good enough resistances so buffing it’s speed to 124 as well as 75% speed decrease immunity, along with the existing moves and resistances is going to make it very overpowered like @niranjann_gandhi said…

If you want it to have 120-125 speed simply change APR to something else like delayed rampage (a plain rampage that has 1 delay)…

Forget the speed but heck yeah to all the defense shattering moves! I would run that on my team in a heartbeat :rofl:

Correction just indom gen 2s weakness as indom gen 1 has defence shattering devastation