Corrupted Bosses

hey ludia please do a event in which you can get indrapter or a random creature from legandry to unquie once a eayer please and make a guym kind battle arena on speacial places like parks and hotels in which multiple people can particepate in chapionship in which you will need to deffeat courpted bosses

and you geat 5 to 10 dna per mission and there are bluprint for all dinos skin and armerd dinos for which you get speacial moves

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there should be new pic for armored and skin dinos

bro this isnt pokemon go, stop. i like the idea but just no.


That sounds a bit too pokemon go for me, and u can almost get any tier dna anywhere sorta. You can get certain epic, legendary, unique, and apex dna on the map(raids), there’s the campaign if ya haven’t already done it which rewards you unique dna and bellow, tourneys(u face other real people for higher rewards and everyone who has participated gets a reward), alliance missions, and weekly events where you can dart uniques and legendaries sometimes, I can go on and on about how you can get dna everywhere really, but yeah, I don’t really like the idea ur suggesting here

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I have an idea…zombie dinos
what if every halloween, there is a zombie phantom therizinosaur that you fight for its dna. you can only fight it 3 times every Halloween. Lasts for 24 hours. Guaranteed spawn on map. When you beat it you get 30 zombie phantom therizinosaur dna, 100 Erlidominus , Diloracheirus,or Spyx dna, 1000 indom dna, 5000 Erlikosaurus or Gamma dna, 10000 erlikosaurus gen 2 dna, 50000 deinocheirus dna.
5490000000 hp
500000 dmg
154 speed
no armor
25% crit chance

Maximal speedup strike (increase speed by 75% for 2 turns)
Presice Rampage
Group Devastation
Instant Haunt (All opponents: dot 60% for 2 turns, rend 60%, distract 100% for 2 turns, attack 1.5x) delay 2 cooldown 2
Immune to everything

So basically april fools but you can make it

Unlockable version:
5000 hp
2000 dmg
131 speed
no armor
25% crit

Maximal speedup strike
Haunt (instant haunt but 25% bleed, 40% rend, delay 2 cooldown 1, not instant )
Revenge Devastation (on revenge do 3x damage and remove delay)
presice rampage
Immune to vulner, rend, decel, and Dot
50% taunt and 75% swap prevention resistance

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So like on holidays there are self raids so no level 1 player can get an apex

yes, but of course you have the option of calling in 3 more friends/alliance members to help

remove 1 zeros from damage and 3 zeros from hp then it will be perfect (u have to make it at least a bit defeatable like that it is just way too OP)