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Corythosaurus but Oviraptor (Creature file #277)

What happens if you fused a Corythosaurus with an Oviraptor? You’ll get Corythoraptor. Please welcome this creature.

Rarity: Common

Health: 2750

Damage: 1310

Speed: 129

Armor: 0%

Critical: 15%

Devious Strike

Evasive Impact

Resistance: 100% Crit Reduction, and Reduce Damage

Possible hybrid: Corycanthops, Fuse with Corythoraptor and Acrocanthops

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4830

Damage: 1800

Speed: 112

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Devious Strike

Feirce Impact

Revenge Rampage

Evasive Stance

Resistance: 100% Crit Reduction, Reduce Damage, Taunt, 50% Damage Over Time, and 34% Stun

  • The name, Corythoraptor, means “Crested Thief”.

  • Only a nearly complete skeleton were found.

  • It was discovered by a farmer.

Can you guess who this is?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.

Disclaimer: The picture I use does NOT belong to me. They belong to their rightful owners.


So corythoraptor is a fusion monster

Also the horse is allohippus

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Allohippus is correct

@Apple btw when is the next hybrid refresh coming???

After the last creature file is finished

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