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Cosmic Raptors are looking for active and ambitious players (2.0 Infographic)


  • Top 50 Alliance
  • T9 Tournament-rewards
  • Rank 10&10 Weekly incubators
  • 3 Level 20 Sanctuaries
  • Organized Raids and Helpful Community
  • Fun Community in discord with a lot of memes, jokes and hilarious convos.
  • Minimum Lvl 20 and 4500+ Trophies
  • 10 Takedowns + a minimum score expected in tournaments.

Still have a few spots guys. Come and join the fun! ![:yum:

Okay if I’m level 14, very active. :pleading_face:

How many spaces do you have?

We have 7-8 players 5000+ trophies looking for alliance is there space here?

Almost full now but still got a few spots left so come join the fun.

Got two spots! come join the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Still got a couple of spots, welcome to contact us

This week we have 2 spots open, welcome! ! :slight_smile:

Got one spot this week. Contact me or anyone in the contact-info shown in the pic.

How can I contact u in discord??!!??

I sent you a pm with info :slight_smile:

Ok thanku for ur concern…

We’re looking for 1-2 players that wants to join the fun. Pm me if interested or got questions please.

Got a couple of spots today, dm me if you have questions or are interested :slight_smile:

We’re looking for a couple of players that wants to join our family. Pm me if interested or got questions please :slight_smile:

Beginner from Brazil
Do u accept?
Real aclive 1-2 h Day

We can arrange something, I’ll pm you discord-details :slight_smile:

I’m interested, this week is pretty busy for me though cuz I’m finishing up high school

I’m interested but I am only a lvl 15 with 4K trophies🥲