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Cosmic Raptors are looking for active and ambitious players

Hey! SaintHellion from Cosmic Raptors here. We’re an Alliance that does things as wholeheartedly and organized as possible without losing the fun of the game. We focus on all aspects of it and push ourselves to exel in weekly missions, raids, battles and tournaments, (Around 50th place on tournament last season and 29th place last weekend).

We have a fun community on Discord and help each other out. It’s not a requirement but we appreciate people that wants to get to know us and be a part of the community eventually. If you have any questions please pm and ask me.

We offer:
*R10&10 weekly incubators and T9 tournament-incubator on 5 weeks and T8 on 4 weeks.
*A slacker-free community where everyone carry their own weight and more. (We monitor activity for this to work)
*Organized sancturies designed for more DNA-yield (at least one lvl 20 sanct every week)
*Organized raids on discord

For this we request:
*That all players join our Discord
*To be at least lvl 17
*Understands English (At least enough to understand when we ask for simple cooperation)
*Making the tournament 10 creature-kills for bonus is mandatory and a minimimum amount of tournament-points
*We have a couple of more rules but nothing complicated. We’re happy to explain more if you contact us

Hi Cosmic Raptors.

I would like to join your alliance. Happy to contribute. I am active and eager to improve more. I am level 20 and 4700 ± in ranking. I always do the tournaments, raid, daily missions and sanctuary interactions. Have Discord already so all is good for me. My name in-game is 1hAns

I would love to join

Got 2 spots available, please contact me if interested :slight_smile:

Very :slight_smile:

Hey, BraveStarr101 here from Cosmic Raptors. We still have 2 spots available for anyone interested in joining.

Just shoot SaintHellion a message and we’ll get back to you.


Some spots are gonna open up tomorrow, pm me if you’re interested or have questions please :slightly_smiling_face:

Got 2 spots this week, Welcome to pm me :slight_smile: