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Cost of battle

What determines the cost of event battles? I’m level 40 and every day I barely get enough coins to do all the events. Each battle costs me 200,000 gold and my best dino is only a level 1 mastodonsaurus.

Your park level does.

Build more dinos that produce more coins. More level 40s, the better. (Commons are best for this at your park level. Start with the triceratops.)

Also, make sure you are building lots of decorations around your dinos. They pay back coins pretty fast, build instantly and you get XP for them.

I remember a lot of “lean” park levels where coins were a struggle. Just make sure to keep the food plant running.

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Well , coins is not a problem, because if you have good enough dinos to participate in those events,they will assure to give you enough coins to do so. However,it is how you spend them,I tend to spend lots of my coins on decorations.