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Cost of Dinosaurs


When upgrading a dinosaur, do they cost the same amount Of coins for everybody? I was upgrading a hybrid and recieved 10 DNA 6 times in a row. My friend recieved 60 DNA in one upgrade for the same price that I recieved 10. I hope the Dino’s are the same cost for everybody. Does anybody know if they are? Thanks.

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Coins required per level is the same for every Dino for a given level.
What you describe is a cost for a fuse. It’s a fixed amount (like 100 coins a fuse) but depending on your luck it gives you an amount of dna ranging from 10 to 100 (10, 20, 30,…)

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Everything costs the same, except needing more fuses

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My reply to you is hidden (thanks ludia). For a given level cost is fixed. For example level up a Dino from 20 to 21 costs 50k coins. Regardless of its rarity

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What you describe is fusing and for the fuse mechanic the fuse cost is the same for a given rarity (example 100 coins) but the result in terms of dna will vary. You can net from 10 to 100 (increment of 10)

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So will each dinosaur cost be the same for everybody? For example if a hybrid requires 100 DNA to create and say 100 coins per fuse, is is possible that one player might require 10 fuses of 10 DNA costing them 1000 coins where another might get 2 lots of 50 DNA only costing them 200 coins?


Yes. The player who got it in 2 fuses was lucky.

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Nope, the dna costs, and coin costs are the same for all the users, the only thing that can be different is the result of fusing dna, you will get 10-20-30 max 100 i think, but that is all luck sometimes you will recieve a chain of tens, and then a miraculous 50 or higher or maybe more tens xD and depending on that fusing luck, yeah, the amount of coins invested could be more or less

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Kuroixx. That’s what I meant. The total fusing DNA required to upgrade a hybrid should be the same for everyone.


When you create it, it doesn’t cost coin.

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So we’re paying for luck?

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