Cost of nerf

Here is the calculation of the cost to bring a dino to be fully boosted:

Boosts: 30 boosts with 2,000 cash each. Total 60,000 green cash. It costs about $100 real money for 15,000 cash, so 30 boosts are equivalent to $400 real money
Coins: It needs 1.3 million coins to level up a dino to lv 30. Using the market price of 4,500 cash per 250,000 coins, you need 23,400 cash for the coins. This can be translated into about $160 real money.

Therefore, even without considering the cost of getting FIPping or DNA packages for the DNAs, a fully boosted creature is equivalent to about $560 real money.

Therefore, when a meta is nerfed, $160 real money is permanently gone, and $400 gets stuck to god knows when.

What do you call this kind of behavior to constantly churning out extremely op creatures, selling coins, boosts, and DNAs, and then boom, nerfing them to the ground?

$560 is about the cost of a new iPhone. What would you do if your iPhone bought several months ago suddenly become so slow and you cannot use it anymore? It’s just about ONE fully boosted dino, and quite a few have been nerfed to the ground.


I dint know what other people did, but I cancelled VIP after Ludia nerfed all the resilents (with no boost reset offer) and haven’t spent any real money since.


Very smart.

No you are wrong. A Nerf is needed. It brings diversity to the arena. It’s your own fault for not spending and not switching metas. Why are you blaming Ludia for nerfing? This is what the community wanted. You should praise those who asked for the nerfs.

Now being serious. Nerfs are needed but not without being accompanied by boost shuffles. Nerfing without a boost shuffle is just a cash grab in disguise as listening to the community. The meta can change 10 times in 5 months and it doesn’t matter. There will be 0 diversity until players can move between creatures. From nerfed creatures to the meta creatures.

It doesn’t matter if something is still usable after a nerf, it’s no longer good enough compared to what it was pre-nerf. So anyone unable to move to the meta creatures got pushed back. Hadros is no longer good enough when Phorusrex and IndoTau are easier to get and far superior. Cera is still good because it’s niche has only 2 other alternatives Rhino and its Unique. Rhino is not a viable alternative due to its lower armor, lack of resistances and meh moveset. (Arena standards, tourneys is different.)


This is literally not how any of this works.
You aren’t buying an IPhone.
You are buying in-game assets.
If you spend them on OP creatures that WILL be nerfed, it’s your own fault.

Also, you are reaping rewards after those fully maxed, fully boosted creatures, so it’s not a waste.

It’s an investment purchase like Cryptocoins, not a product purchase.


Ludia controls everything, unlike Crypto, that the mass crowd drives the value. If Ludia decides to change, it should give back at least the boosts.


They really shouldn’t.
You jumped on the short term investment.
You shouldn’t be free of the consequences.

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How are you buying stat boosts for green cash? I’ve never seen boosts in store unless you pay rl cash for them

VIP. So that’s some VIP perks, I guess.

If you call this as investment, then what Ludia is doing is called “market manipulation”


It’s something that has been used as an argument before, successfully with Apple at least. When Ludia’s changes are too drastic, or fail to deliver a promised product people have been able to appeal and get refunds:

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And you guys keep falling for it lol

You do know you can get nearly 200,000 coins, 500 cash bucks, and about 100 boosts (of each stat) a week just from doing the cash links, incubators, battles and supply drops, all of which are free right?

And that’s not to mention the rewards for doing well in the tournaments.

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Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens to an iPhone - and the reason why I’ll never spend that amount of money on a device or a mobile game :sweat_smile:

You can also buy a very decent car for those 560$. But still, some people has spent more than 20000$ on JWA alone :exploding_head:


I’m fine with nerfs as long as Ludia gives a boost reshuffle to allocate the nerfed creatures boots to something else.

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