Cost of Playing


I love this game but it really expensive! It cost me $8 just to level up an Einosuchus! It’s killing my bank account. How do u guys manage ur coins?


I’m getting coins only by suppliers and free incubators now, don’t wanna waste more money on that game. I don’t need to rush the game, just playing when I’m free (in the metro, train, bus, etc…), collecting a maximum of supply!


Don’t play it then, Jesus Christ how old are you?

If it’s draining your bank, use your brain and realise this is just a game.

Grow up


Just go out and collect from supply drops. JWA has only been out a couple months. You don’t need to rush things. Enjoy playing the long game.


Draining my bank was meant as tounge in cheek! Lighten up! How angry are u to bother to reply