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Cost of upgrading dinosaurs

It’s ridiculous how much it cost to upgrade after a while… I’m to the point where I’m going to have to stop playing because I can’t afford to keep trying to upgrade. 10000, to upgrade 1, 8000 for another. I’m not paying cash for this game when I have bills to pay. It’s messed up because I love this game but y’all have made it impossible to keep playing it.

Just spin supply drops. You can get 15k per day for supply drops and 7.5k per day from event supply drops. Then do all strike towers every day and battle in the arena for incubators, you get coins from incubators and wins in the arena.

I mean wait until you get a creature to level 26 or so before complaining about coins. 8k or 10k is easily obtained even as a free to play player.


Getting coins to level up creatures is the thrill in game
If they make coins super easy to get whats the point in playing
You cant complain about coins
You can get coins in a lot of ways like incubator,supply drops,treasyre chest…
you just need to grind a bit
Thats what makes this game “fun”
If your complaining about 10,000 how mad will you be when leveling up apex’s which 120,000 for 1 level???


Alliance as well is a good source of coin revenue, donate what you can, whenever you can. Another less desirable way is to keep the 4 battle incs full, and fill up empty slots asap. This make the free epic inc cycle move faster, which equals more coins. Of course arena battling is not everyone’s cup of tea.

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Trying to upgrade everything will keep you broke. Focus on 8-10 at a time. If your ever unsure what to work for you can always ask for opinions on here. You’ll get info on what the best creatures are, what’s not worth your time, and what seems to be a prime nerf target.

I hit the supy drops as often as I can. Because I’m limited to one I honestly don’t get that many coins from them. I’m not able to get out and about as I’m disabled. I think I’m ranting more than anything because this game entertains me and I really do love it. I just went to upgrade a d almost fell off my chair at the cost… I’ll keep at and keep trying to find ways to get coins. Thanks for the input!!

If your ability to move is limited, your best chance is to run giga scents and donate DNA to get coins, even though your supply of darts will probably run out. Then the only thing is battling in the arena for coins at least it doesn’t require to move.

i don’t spin supply drops and get around 80k a week, spinning supply drops would give u an additional 105k. my upgrades cost around 60k per dino to 150k and i just upgrade 1 a week

Ok so if I basically keep trudging along I should slowly be able to start making more coins if start doing more of what y’all are suggesting… I do battle in the arena but it’s usually just to be able to get the incubator… I can battle more often than that I’m taking it? I’m fairly new to the game… so I still have a ton to learn… I really appreciate the input… my kids are always trying to get me to play Pokemon go… and I’m always like are you kidding?? I have Dino’s to play!! Anyway, thank you all so much…