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COT question

I had just a few question about cot, how hard is it???
how much dino would be required to beat it and if I dont have enough good one, is it worth it tuse my bucks?

Difficulty depends upon level. Don’t get too scared, if you are able to clear level based PvE then I doubt CoT will be that difficult. Also yes, if you can give it a try then I wouldn’t say no to a Tournament Creature unlock.


but the thing is my events are getting too hard, just legendary rumble I am facing level 30 vip, 30 hybrid and 40 tournament when my best dino is an indominus rex level 10, level 10 vip and level 30 legendary

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Usually when I do a COT I fight VIP lvl 40, but no harder than that, what is your strongest dino? mine is indo lvl 30.

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sorry, i haven’t read everything, you may need to increase your gamme,maximize your legendary and put indo at lvl 20.

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but why my ferocity is perfect??

My strongest dino is a lvl 20 vip and honestly COT was easier than I imagined. Fight for funds and Claim your Territory have been significantly harder than this month COT

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Thank you, just 8 events and I have it, I just hope I have time

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No worries, COT is actually one of the easier events, sometimes the ai follows the 4 attack 4 block pattern too allowing you to use weaker creatures to complete it :+1:


3 factors can affect your gameplay…

  1. the lack depth of your dinos
  2. the unbalanced ferocity
  3. not using tactics that make the events easier…

one thing I like about this game is that you can strategize to defeat bots 2 or 3 stronger than your dinos…

if you are having very tough events i suggest starting little by little by increasing the ferocity…