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COT survey for July/June

Acanthostega (Battle stage unlock, don’t vote this one)
Darwinopterus (Last May CoT)

So, I voted Urtinotherium because it is the only one I don’t have unlocked.

With Darwin begin May, Urtinotherium may be a shoe in. Urtinotherium isn’t that good, but an unlock is an unlock.


Looks like Lythronax will never have a CoT.


I voted for Urtinotherium too because I never have not unlocked it before. So I really want metriacanthosaurus because I have 1 at level 10.


Ludia…Darwin had one TWO MONTHS AGO. Why…

prob gonna vote acanthostega, not high level enough to unlock it from battle stages and I need a glass cannon amphibian.


Metriacanthosaurus hasn’t had an unlock for almost a year.


I also kinda want Acanthostega, but if the game keeps kicking me out…

Acanthostega is a battle stage.

If you work at leveling up your park, you could have it in a few weeks, long before you’d get 28 events from the next Cot.

But, to each their own.


Try restarting your device. I don’t know what device you’re on but just google it.

Okay you’re right @Timmah. Tomorrow if the game lets me in,I will vote Urtino for sure.


How much time do we have left for the next CoT? I’m hoping to get my park to 60 in time for it, so I want to know what the deadline is.

Wow, these are really bad options. How on earth did the developers come to the conclusion that a battle stage unlock and something that was COT a couple of months ago would be good options to survey? Are they really bent on getting the Urtinotheroum chosen?

I’m in need of a good amphibian but this particular one isn’t really that good anyway so I’m guessing I’ll vote for the cenozoic guy.


I’m starting to think no new creature will have CoT - I for one think they’re re-circulating the same ones over and over again.

For what it’s worth Urtinotherium hasn’t had an unlock since it got bumped to Tournament Legendary status.


Voted Darwin. Not the best but I would rather have a T rex than that stupid cenozoic cow looking thing.

At this point I’m confused - an Amphibian which is a battle stage unlock but I really need it now 'cause my highest is a level 40 Postosuchus, or a Cenozoic which I will need in the future? I’mma confused, prolly will go with Cenozoic :laughing:

Pretty sure you don’t have Darwin unlocked, one can never have too many pterosaurs. lvl 20 of it is better than a VIP lvl 10.


Yeah but I have 2 level 10 Eudimorphodons to get my Pterosaur team covered for now, at least… but I may explode rn if the game keeps Osta-frikken-saurus crashing on me.

2 good pterosaurs isn’t enough. I used to have several pterosaurs and I thought I’d never need more, but now that my dinosaurs are better, the Pterosaurs need to be as well. You can’t buy Eudimorphodons, but you can buy Darwinopteruses.

Tapej is better than Darwin, hatched faster is only a little more DNA and leads to a super hybrid.

If you need a birds, hatch tapej hybrid.


I love level 30 Tapejalosaurus as a tournament pterosaur.

Even though I’ve left most of them at level 30, it is one of my few full paddocks