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Could any players between lvl 63-68 shwo me their battle lineup and their park please?

hey, so i want to make my park and dino lineup better. i was hoping to get some inspo from players between level 63 and level 68. i am currently level 66 right now (i rushed alot to unlock clash of titans and gen 2 fury). could anyone show their lineup and park? please and thank you! below is my park and current line up. any tips would be greatly appreciated.


my lineup is pretty much yours except the max legend and only one indo and a level 30 diplo and not parasaura, but the rest is the same, except I have 2 level 20 spinoraptor and a few more dino
I think you should invest in indo gen2 and ostopo
Also your park is just perfect no problem there

if you dont mind could you send some photos of your line up so i could have a better understanding? indo gen 2 i might look into, cant get ostopo bc micro is locked for me. also, could you look at my recent thread, the one with the avian assault being too difficult. ive had people say my lineup is good but i sometimes struggle with some matches. please and thank you!

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imagewill add indo gen and the tapej shybrid and vip presto next

i cant see anything, it is just blank.

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mine are working

huh, can you try sending them privately?

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now they are not working for me too
But its indo level 10, ophiciacominmus level 30, ankylodocus level 20, spinoraptor level 20, nundagasaure level 30, 40 pleachytus, 3 vip level 10, level 20 stegoceratops, level 40 laby and a few level 30 legend
again sorry but they are not working

your alr, but could you pls check out my thread abt the avian assault being too difficult? please and thank you!

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Also for your event, difficulty you have 2 choice
1dt deepen, make a lot of max legendary, indo, maybe get diplo shybrid, get indo gen2, ostopo and more hybrid
2nd choice: stockpile a lot f dna, and make a big ferocity jump to level 20 vip ferocity, so level 11 indo, tapej shybrid to level 1, level 30 tournament, level 30 or 31 super rare hybrid…

This is mine. I’m one level below of your criteria though :D.

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