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Could anyone predict the next bracketed tournament?

Do you guys know when the next bracketed tournament is gonna happened ?

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In short, no

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You can look upon the Dino Spreadsheet thread for all of the previous tournament info. Also a lot of more useful ones too. So might do an estimation. Sure none of us can be certain on that though. Here is the link for you. :wink:

Dino Data Spreadsheet


Bracketed tournaments come around on average every three months, or once a quarter


All I know is that a fine ceno tournament would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:


whats a bracketed tourney?

The tournament is divided between players at a lower park level and those at the higher levels, they compete only with players of the same level for prize levels. This is often done for reasons associated with your park level, such as the Dominator prize is an aquatic creature. It results in a noticeably higher difficulty level in the top bracket due to all the lower players being in a different tournament.


Agreed, my cenos need to be tested

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