Could cry


My last attempt at darting the Epic T-Rex and wanted to get at least lvl 14…:joy::smirk::persevere:

oh well they do appear sometimes around where I live…will keep going! Raptor getting there too!!
4 weeks today I began playing…I don’t get out much but have been making the extra effort to go out looking for Dino’s be it in my car or walking around the block which takes around 15mins as there is a Green Event drop just inside the woods :joy:


So close! I’m 56 DNA off getting T-Rex level 15 (raptor already 16) and I have one attemp left on the special event. But even if I do get enough to make T-Rex level 15, I still wouldn’t be able to do indom :weary: T-Rex doesn’t show often around my way :cry: But we’ll all get there one day!


I had this happen with the Carnotaurus. It was part of a Special Event during the week and since I work weird hours I didn’t get to dart it much. It sat at 99/100 for weeks. :persevere: Finally I got some DNA in an incubator and was finally able to create it. Haven’t managed to get anymore since.