Could dominate changed to be confused?

I think a good way to tone down dominate would be to change it to confusion.

At the beginning of your turn you either
play as if you had nothing.
Hit yourself
Hit an ally

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From the many many posts you have made about dominate and the even more many tips and hints you have been given on how to negate it, not that many people are worried about toning it down outside yourself.


You are right Mkb617, Dominate is one of those skills that only really affects the unaware or unprepared. It did trip me up the first few times it was used on me, will put this up for those still struggling with it - as long as you can get taunt up either before Calliope can cast it (then can only be cast on Tank whose damage output is typically lower overall than a damage dealer) or directly after (then dominated character will attack Tank who can typically absorb the damage).

Then there’s all the restoration items - you’ve got Tommus’ Restoration Flask (if cast on him - hopefully if he’s the tank in your current battle) or Halbenet’s Lunar Steps, which will get others out of Dominate provided he isn’t held in place. Nayeli has her Legendary belt which just insta restores everything on all party members, but I’ve not tried that yet.

Also if you see Calliope in the opponent’s team - don’t bother putting up Counterattack or reflect damage on any characters until they’ve cast Dominate, otherwise you just risk ending up in a damage echo chamber. Or Fury on any Dominate prone characters.

The majority of PvPers seem to fire out Dominate as one of their opening gambits, making it even more predictable to mitigate. Then you can heal/regen back up to near full health quite quickly.

Not sure which post you refer as it is the first time I made a topic about dominate other the one about how sometime the dominate person would walk forward instead to fight his team.
And yes there is answer for dominate. Sadly dominate force other gear on other hero and reduce the choice available.

And when calliope goes first. Not much can be done unless nayeli is there with self restore and dispel.

@Krom, a few weeks ago there was another user with a profile logo matching yours who posted a new thread daily (for 8 days) to criticize the Dominate effect. It seems likely @Mkb617 inadvertently believed your comments came from the other poster. I had similarly criticized the other user’s repeated posts. For reference I have linked the eight merged threads below.

That is exactly what happened, turns out it was Khmer, so I apologize to you, and thank you orloch.

Dominate (esp lvl 3) is awesome for getting through PvE content that you normally shouldn’t be able to clear. Agree that it’s of variable impact in PvP, sometimes extremely high.