Could I perhaps see some new Dino’s people have acquired?


Just wondering what people have for hybrids these days? Haven’t been on as much and did a battle seeing new legendarys I haven’t seen before unlocked!!

DinoLord :+1::grin::canada:


I don’t think much has changed in regards to what people are using in the top 500 and below. A lot of people are trying to get the typical meta build at the moment.

I imagine once we see more dinos being added over the course of the next few months, we’ll see some more interesting team lineups.

I’d love to see some pure heavy dino lineups, which are build on large health pools and armour, rather than damage.


Haven’t built any new hybrids yet, but I did tag a wild Amargacephalus over by Meijer yesterday afternoon.


So this dino is new to me and I’m waiting to see the other two that are new to me since I haven’t been around past 2 weeks as much. Pictures attached of one that looks very cool btw!!



Maybe he isn’t new to you all but I didn’t see him what so ever two weeks ago.

Pretty cool and if I battle the others I’ve seen I’ll try to remember to screen shot them to get opinions if y’all see them or have them yet



It IS real! Oh, sure… They all laughed when I said there was a Carnotaurus in the Southern Marshland Biome, but I finally proved them wrong!


That is so awesome I love it, I so can’t wait to get the update !!!