Could i win?

Do i have a chance against todays epic strike event? If so: can i get sime tips…? Or are my dinos to bad for fighting…

Which dinos Are in the Strike?

Lvl 30 ornithomimus lvl 30 V-raptor

This will help get you up to speed

Just did it with stegodeus 18 , monostegotops 17 , had vraptor 18 and stegosaurus 17 in back up.

I only used stegod and monostego but I was lucky against orni . Hit it even with his evasive strike.

Can you confirm Orni is the first dino?

Hi, which Dino came first?

Orni came first yes, evasive strike then impact and run

I leveled up my tany and wasted 100000 coins :expressionless:

Is Alanqa a good choice?

You can go with stegod and mono, maybe velo to finish orni, depends of the lvl of your velo . I will not take alanqa due to the bug of invincibility

Maybe 100000 coins down but i won atleast

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What lvl is your raptor ? I have a plan if you didn’t do it yet .

You could do it, with a bit of luck.

If i were you, I would open with monostegops.
If velociraptor comes, you go with slow.

If ornithomimus comes, you go with nullifying impact, so you cancel his evasive.
Your second hit should be slowing, so you slow velociraptor, because ornithomimus will probably use impact an run.

Then use Stegodeus (immediately put shield against ornithomimus), Stegoceratops and Alanqua at you will.

The bird did come out first and I used 19 monomimus and 25 monolemetrodon. I had stegod and megalo just in case, but they weren’t needed. Good luck!