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Could it get worse?

Weird crash today. 1st battle of the day. Was playing on Data, so the crash maybe linked to that. The weird thing is, I won…yet did not get a chest in my empty slot. I had entered a typical battle, but it seems the crash might have pushed me into a ToM :thinking:. This may have to do with people losing mystery lives on the higher ToM lvls :thinking::thinking:

Hello Pryloc, that does seem unusual. Our support team would be glad to take a closer look at this, so don’t hesitate to contact them at If you can include your support key, it would help them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you.

I had this happen today too! I didn’t get a chest but I did get my first win in the ToM, so the game definitely changed the context of my battle.

I tried support…they helped out as much as was expected.