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Could marsupial Lion kill Lord Lythronax if it was boosted

Well y’all read title

Credit to @Dankysaurus for the second pic of the lord

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe it depends

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Why’d you put a boost combination for Lion that isn’t possible?


I don’t think it affects the outcome though.

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I mean I think I fixed it

Also since it has enough health and speed it just need to survive the initial instant rampage and that pretty much it since it’s it’s attack depends on the opponents health and it has a 40% crit Chance

How though? It still has 40 boosts applied, the max is 30.

Off ya that’s true well say this was back on boosts 1.0 then lol

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I checked i based on those 1.0 boost stats it would mean marsupial would do 8,443 total with no crit, 8,747 with one crit and 9,051 with two crits not counting it counter. So in theroy it be possible for Lion to beat it in 1v1 which that in it self is amazing

I’m pretty sure Lord Lythronax’s base speed is 132. If LL is boosted, it obviously makes a difference.

Lol ya but the one is boosted and think it’s that last stage of the campaign mode

Prowl, then Rending takedown followed by Rending Strike should do the trick. Prowl would allow you to dodge Instant Rampage, and give you a 90% crit chance on RT.


Ya that also would work

I think this could actually work, depending on RNG and what moves the AI picked! 1v1 Lythronax is pretty crazy!
eta: Forgot about that counter attack damage

Don’t underestimate Marsupial Lion’s power.


I’m doing the math here, and it won’t work 1v1. 13 speed boosts to outspeeed it and 17 health boosts left. 7794 hp and 143 speed. Prowl to the instant rampage would do, if it was successful, 1669 damage to marsupial, leaving 6125 hp. Lord takes 340 (no crit) or (if my math is right) 380 with ctit. Lets go with crit cause prowl. so that leaves Lord with 8508 hp. Marsupial goes for rending takedown. Does 3,555 without and 4,444 with. Again going with crit, that leaves Lord with 4,064 hp. because of the counter attack, marsupial takes 2529 damage leaving it with 3,200 hp. Assuming the AI is not bad at its job, Lord would use rampage and thats the end of marsupial.

so with a lv 30 and boosted marsupial as an opener, you can potentially get Lord down to less than half of its hp. (4,064) The rampage and instant rampage would be on cooldown leaving just null strike and long invincibility to deal with on your second dino. at that point, you have 2 dinos to get through 4100 hp. Dc will be no help because it Lord has armor. At this point, you would need 1 more dino faster than 142 speed (preferably one with defence shattering attacks) to do big damage to it before instant rampage and DSR come back up. Then one more that can survive a rampage and finish it in one hit.

Second dino could also potentially be a thylacotator if it is slower. 20 boosts in health (lv 30) puts it at 8204. DP can go off fine if null strike is used first. so that leaves thyla at 5676 hp and has evasive up. IDK what the AI will do. it will either use 1 of its rampages or go for null strike as definite full damage. assuming rampage, that does 1669 damage on a successful dodge, leaving thyla with 4007 hp. ( 618 left if its not successful and no crit). Thyla goes for rending takedown that does 3,555 normally, but 4,444 on crit. defeated on crit, but left with 509 without. and anything that can survive a rampage at that point can finish it off.

so with amazing rng on your side, Lord can be brought down with Marsupial and Thyla. However, it cannot be done with just Marsupial lion.
(this is of course if all my math is correct.)

No, because LL has Instant Rampage.

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Marsupial lion would be more like this since it’s not possible to get two stats to tier 20.
Marsupial lion could kill lord lythronax, but it’s not likely. Marsupial lion has to crit on either T1 or T2 with either minor rending strike or rending takedown, you have a 40% chance to crit, so it won’t be likely to crit since it’s 40%.

Lord Lythronax has 7901 HP, 2249 damage and 132 speed unboosted. In case anyone wanted to know.


Lol I love how we’re all just shocked that it’s possible who knew you don’t need legendary or even unique dinos just a rare kitty cat

Probably honestly I’m waiting for a spoofer to do this and see if it’s possible