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Could someone clear up some ToS confusion for me?

I have a handful of queries about accounts and the game’s ToS that I’d rather be on the safe side about. Can someone please help clear these up for me?

  • Is having multiple accounts against the ToS?
  • Is having multiple accounts in the same alliance against the ToS?
  • Is having my account on multiple devices (all of which are mine) against the ToS?
  • Is switching between two accounts (both of which are mine) on the same device against the ToS?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

@Ned could you please help? I think you might be one of like 5 people on this forum that has read the ToS of the game.

Well, if it is, I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot here, but I’ve done everything on that list before without repercussions.

I don’t think the first is. I know people who have alts that run non-hybrids and different creatures

I think Ludia would have ways of knowing if you’ve done those things, so I’d say there’s a 70% chance that it’s legal.

I hope not, I’ve done everything on that list.

Multiple game accounts is okay, we’ve previously covered that.

Multiple forum accounts is against the ToS for the forums.

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t have multiple forum accounts so that’s not an issue.

What about the last two items on the list? Those are less clear.

I can’t say officially as I’m not in that loop, but the game is designed to accept multiple accounts and easily switch between them on the same device… for Android through Google play and facebook.

What IS against the ToS is having the game installed on multiple devices at same time/playing the account at same time on 2 different devices, plus that’ll get you flagged for spoofing.

I mean considering how the game is designed to support it, it being illegal would be very odd. So it’s fair to assume that it’s legal I think.

I couldn’t point you in the direction of any concrete answer but I would do and have done all of those and have not worried about breaching the ToS.

I have the game installed on multiple devices, but I don’t play it on multiple devices at once. If I’m playing on one device with one account, I’m not playing with any other device on any other account.

It’s not possible to play the game on different devices at the same time.

I have an iPad which I use to play when I’m sat at home, and a phone I use whilst out and about. If I forget to log out of the iPad the phone takes over and the iPad says ‘you have logged in on another device’ so that’s not an issue.

I have two accounts, albeit in different alliances.
I used to have one on Facebook and one on google play but when the Facebook account somehow took over my google I had to get support to sort it for me. I run both accounts on different google play accounts now.

So I can’t see any issues with any of your queries.

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