Could someone explain this please

hehe, wondering that too though :slight_smile: I guess the P is for Paul.

(and QuetzalCoatlus)

Where did you get my picture??? :laughing:

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Yeah - always good to see a familar name - mixed it up with a lot of Apex Predators in the last tournament - real buzz

I have this same issue I was way higher in arena last week and now I’m constantly facing higher level teams. The funny part is that if I change my team and put lower leveled creatures in, I start facing even more stronger teams.

Duckling , I’ve faced level 29 boosted Thor’s in every match since I boosted Magna from 21 to 22 and put it in my team !
There’s simply no logic to this , as I never faced such strong teams until I levelled it up .
As I said before , the logic in punishing you for levelling up is mad , I should have kept it at 21 and boosted it instead .

I have never faced this much stronger teams before either, battles were always pretty equal and this week it’s mainly been thors crit killing me in 3 turns, which is boring. My longest losing streak so far is 24.

There really isn’t any logic in the matchmaking currently, wonder if they did something to it without telling us.