Could someone help me with the raids?

I would like people to help me with the raids so that it is possible to have epic or legendary dinosaur DNA, I am low level and the truth would be very helpful.

i can help with epic raids, but im still struggling with the legendary raids myself.

give it normal whenever you want to help better :smiley: , tell me your name and player code to be friends

Mortis #7333

mortis … reminds me of a game called BRAWL STARS, THERE I ADD YOU

Huntress #9756

Help with raids

If you want I could help you in the raids, I am lvl 19

apexgiganotasaur #2315 that’s my account in game

Tried to add you. Getting errors

Send me a friend request or give me your in game name and I will send you a friend request

I sent you a friend request

Huntress I sent you a friend request, please accept

I accepted quite a while ago. Thanks

If I am free I will join you in raid, when you send me a raid request

I can help as well. I do have a discord if you want that too. In game is Cheeseking #7496

Hi, how are you? I’m going to add you all :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hunter at what level are you? :grin:

I am at level 16