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Could someone please explain

Could someone please explain to me what exactly is a “superhybrid” or what dictates that class? Specifically in terms of why certain creatures won’t be getting a unique.

I’ve tried looking it up after coming across information regarding Thyla that was posted 2019, but haven’t found anything else to support or explain “super hybrid”.

Thank you in advance

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A superhybrid is a hybrid of a hybrid


In this game JWA we have non-hybrid creatures (like trex, stegosaurus, and so on), hybrid creatures (like stegoceratops which is a hybrid between stegosaurus and triceratops) and superhybrids (like monostegatops which is made from the hybrid stegoceratops and from monolophosaurus, a nonhybrid).

Nonhybrid + nonhybrid = Hybrid
Hybrid + nonhybrid = Superhybrid

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But isn’t that technically what the vast majority of these creatures are?

For instance, it’s not a straight velo or trike or Rex.

An old post read that Thyla would never receive a legendary or (unique for that matter) because of its super-hybrid status.

I’ll look for it and include it.

I understand EXACTLY what you are saying, don’t get me wrong, but the parameters dictating which gets what is what has me stumped.

For example, Indom is a hybrid(as it is made out of two ‘pure’ creatures), and its hybrids Erlidom and Indoraptor are super hybrids. Thyla won’t get a hybrid since it’s a Super hybrid of Suchotator and Lion

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So far, no superhybrid has ever got a hybrid before. So by precedent, we say that superhybrids can’t get hybrids. We know from the creature descriptions and from JWTG that Ludia acknowledges what a superhybrid is, and it’s just really hard to convince oneself that no superhybrid has ever got a hybrid purely by coincidence.

It’s sort of like the “rule” that you can’t fuse 2 hybrids together, or the “rule” that Uniques can’t get hybrids.
Every Unique in the game is a superhybrid, even though Ludia didn’t have to make it that way. So it seems like a conscious decision, by someone who wants to indicate that a Unique is the last creature in its line.

We often used to say that if superhybrids ever got hybrids, we could then get a rarity above Unique, because all Uniques are superhybrids. We now do have Apex rarity, so whether superhybrids will get hybrids in the future seems to be anyone’s guess.


… you ever try to point out something that was RIGHT in front of someone and they literally couldn’t see it until last second and then the inevitable “OOHHHHH” escapes their lips.

Well, that’s just what happened.

Thank you for the comparisons

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Thank you Qaw,

I haven’t been playing that long in hindsight, but the unspoken rule that you addressed always bugged me until now.

Man, y’all have no idea how often I’ve searched the boards to understand what was just outlined.

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