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Could someone strong please spare 5 minutes to do this with me? It would be much appreciated

Guys someone beat mortem with a team of 28s and a 23 tenrex I have a tenrex I can boost a lot I also have a mortem in range I just need 3 other good leveled players to help me out!!! Friend me and let’s take this big Godzilla down

Man you are always inviting me and everytime i get the annoying message that server is full…

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I guess it’s glitching sorry about that

And i’m also trying to beat this thing for hours…

Someone beat it and one of thier members had only a 23 tenrex it’s definitely beatable

Yep i know, that’s the reason why i refuse to give up :joy:
And always waiting for invitations because that Monster is out of my range now…

Can someone please spare 5 minutes to try and duplicate this with me?

It would be much appreciated

Lol. Me too please! I can bring the Tenontorex :joy:

Haha that was my role

Well maybe we can get two groups?

Sounds good! XD

Add me : xviper48x

Awesome thanks what is your 4 number code thingy? It should be under your name. For example mine is 2540.

Just trying to beat this Mortem Rex. I have all Level 26+ And boosted dinos. Could someone invite me to a raid to try and beat it or if someone needs a 4th player I’m down.

Username is Kelloggs04

Thanks and stay frosty!

I have a level 27 tryko full health boost and 7 attack. Need a team to help me through mortem. Anybody care to help? I’m on Android so shouldn’t have a problem joining

Ok sounds good can you friend me?

Is ironcaptain your name?

Nevermind lol. Added you I’m lordspecial

Keeps saying raid lobby full

Did y’all manage to pull it off?

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