Could spawns / strikes / stops / treasures be consistent?

Right now playing with other people can be a frustrating experience because our strike event locations often don’t match up, we will have different green stops from each other or when we do have the same green stops, those have spawned different dinosaurs, often one person getting one they don’t want.

This disparity regularly forces us to go different ways and ruins that potential for a social aspect.

It would be great if stops / strikes / treasure and spawns were made consistent among the player base.

It’s also frustrating when one of us will have a random rare / epic spawn and the others do not.
It results in a lot of walking back and forth trying to figure out if it will spawn for others, or if it just seems to be some magic, one person only spawn.
I haven’t figured out the mechanics for that yet, sometimes walking back and forth does work for all of us, sometimes it just seems to be one person’s lucky day.

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I have noticed same things. Those are so annoying. Sadly my friends don’t really play this that much anymore.