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Could tournaments have better matchmaking please?

For the first time ever, i have gotten mad at this game. Its very frustrating not getting past 30 when people have stuff 2x higher than yours alokg with boosts. Its needs to be level based, not trophy based when it searches. Please take this into consideration.

This wouldn’t work for tournaments. If you can’t field a competitive team under the tournament rules it may just be what it will be.

You can’t have a walled garden for the tournament you have to have an equal chance of all who are participating.


Well, there has to be a balance in here. Maybe level caps will work better if anything. That way it will he fair. No stat boost either.

Two out of three tournament so far have been without boosts. You have to include events that will use them for those players. As long as each tournament is different and draws different players and their teams, it’s all good.

The tournaments have to be based on your ranking. That way the better players are at the top and lower players need to work hard to climb higher up the rankings. That is how all tournaments work basically.

The way the tournament should work is the same as arenas. If you have 0 points, you should get an opponent around 0 points. If you have 500 points, you should get an opponent somewhere around 500 points.

Right now, we are 6 hours and 20 minutes into the tournament and the people who have less than 60 points are facing heavily boosted dinos that run between level 20 to 26. I should know… I’ve been fighting them for the better part of the last three hours.

Right now, if you lose in the zero point level, you are ranked 21437.
If you win and get to 30, you are ranked 11280.
If you win again, you are ranked 6901.

Try to convince me that 14,000 players all have boosted level 20-26 dinosaurs on their team.
This matchmaking leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Not all tournament rules may be suited to all players. I think there needs to be a bit of variety. I’m sure they have plans for variable rules for tournaments going forward that will appeal to different groups.

I haven’t played enough in this tournament yet to have any true feelings on the matchmaking. I’m running level 15-18s I have no non-hybrid dinosaurs to 20.

All I know is that only matching based on team strength in this tourney would be not work. There can’t be separate pathways among the pool of participants.

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Tournament matchmaking should be tournament specific.

If it is a tournament that is capped at level 26 with no boosts anyone should be able to battle anyone as all players could have the same team and same level so no advantage.

In a tournament like the current one matchmaking should be determined by trophy level as there are huge differences in the teams with no level cap and boosts allowed. This is the format that should also be used in the regular arena

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I’ve only battled 6 battles so I have little to say about the matchmaking to be honest, but I know that matching based on team strength or level of Dino’s would be wrong in the tournament. It would create stratification among the participants.

I didn’t face any Dino’s over 20 in my 6 battles but that’s just my experience. Did meet a 120 speed t-Rex level 18. Lost that one :slight_smile:

Only at 60 medals myself. It would make great sense in an unlimited tournament to match to your current placement.

Stratification is exactly what would make it a tournament. There is zero sense in rewarding the “top 100” just for the number of zero point players they managed to stomp on. How does that make them the “top” anything?

Every competition you can name has a playoff system where winning teams face other winning teams. This should be no different. There is no point in letting top 100 players feast on people who have been playing for two weeks. That’s NOT a tournament.

[EDIT: To be clear… all matches should be based on tournament trophy count. Normal arena trophy count should not be factored in at all.]

Exactly here. I went against a poor guy with 4 dinos only in is team and he was level 2. How is that fair at all? This goes in both ways for people. Should be based on points or level.

No, it should be based on trophies, as it is. Once the powerful have won a few matches, they won’t get matched with people who are down at 30. It works as intended, just give it a day for the stronger people to climb out of the weaker range.


Still pretty unfair imo. They get to play longer than lower people. A level cap would fix this problem easily.

So, i decided to go in again…my results were 60 trophies made and then back to zero because i faced stuff with stat boosts and levels like this twice in a row. The first win was someone in my level range. The second was a poor dude with only level one stuff. The loses? Take a look.

U can’t expect to be paired with many people with your level dinos. Those are very low leveled dinos. Most players have dinos higher than that. No offense

I was just gonna ask… how is mm determined in the tournament? I would love to take on a top player lol (not that I’d have a chance against level 30 tany etc… but not everyone has such OP dinos).

Now that I’m close to 300 (medals not rank) I no longer encounter very low level teams so I wonder if something prevents such matches. Maybe it’s just good old RNG :wink:

No idea how the MM is figured. I am at 330 and run the gamut of sub-15 to the boosted almost 30. Those big-boosted Rex can really put a hurting on stuff.