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Could Tryostronix have some arena viablility?

Thinking about adding it as a potential 8th member of my team. I know that it’s really good in raids but not sure how well if fairs in the arena.

The new attack buff is very promising. Even before this update I loved running through tanks like a freight train with mine. Just had trouble with Thors and the Indo family

Sounds good. Ill do some testing. Right now, the only other thing I’m eyeing up is Monolometron (since I’m not going to be getting the Rhino hybrid for a long time)

I have a Monolometrodon, leveled it up to 26 since 2.0 dropped. However, I’m very worried about an impending nerf due to its relative easy accessibility, so I took my boosts off this past weekend. With how fast we seek to be receiving new patches, I am trying to stay a step ahead.